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If you have liver problems, avoid these three herbs

by , 27 June 2014

Many natural herbal remedies can improve your health better than any chemical medication. But in the same sense, some of them can harm your health if you're already suffering from a serious illness.

This is true for your liver and, if you have liver problems, you should avoid consuming certain herbal remedies, says Today.com.

Keep reading to discover how to protect your liver if you suffer from liver problems and reduce your intake of these three herbs.

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Three herbs that can impact your liver problems

#1. Green tea: Everyone loves a cup of green tea. And drinking the tea shouldn’t harm your health if you have a cup or two.
In fact, drinking green tea might be beneficial to your health in many ways.
But it’s not the actual tea that can cause problems.
It’s the extracts in concentrated forms that you should avoid if you suffer from liver problems. It can damage good molecules in your already sensitive liver, making the problem worse. And it could affect the way your body detoxes.
#2. Kava: Used for treatment of anxiety and insomnia, it may not be a good idea to take if you have liver problems. Even if you don’t have liver problems, some research says it causes liver damage so in many countries it’s on the banned list.
#3. Comfrey: While it’s no longer in oral herbal medicines, using it as a topical cream or ointment can also cause build-up of the toxins it contains and cause liver damage.
You might have used these herbal remedies and supplements for years, it might be time to check how they really affect your health. Especially if you suffer from any health related issues like liver problems. 

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If you have liver problems, avoid these three herbs
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