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If stress is the culprit behind your digestive issues, eat these three stress-relieving foods

by , 22 July 2014

When you're always under stress, lots of bad things happen in your body. And they affect your overall health.

There's more inflammation in all your organs and, the worst of it, is how that affects your gut and the organs within it.

The more inflammation there is in your body, the worse the health of your gut. This means your gut can't do its job properly. So not only isn't it able to help fight the inflammation in your system, it isn't able to absorb nutrients to keep your body healthy either.

And the vicious cycle of digestive issues continues until you develop chronic diseases because of it.

So put a stop to the way stress affects your body at once!

Add these stress-relieving foods to your diet to do just that…

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These toxins can cause terrible headaches… or uncontrollable joint pain… Have you ever felt listless and sapped of energy? Or immobilised by colon cramps? Or even just tired and listless?
Well, now there’s a unique way to flush out toxins and feel brand new again.

Don’t let digestive issues because of stress be the reason your health deteriorates

Stress-reliving food #1: Warm oats
A bowl of warm oats doesn’t only bust stress, it can help your immune system too. It helps increase the amount of happy hormone released from your brain and it gives your gut flora a boost too.
Stress-relieving food #2: Oranges
The vitamin C in oranges is great for the health of your gut and its ability to fight off those symptoms of digestive issues. But eating oranges is also a great way to help your body fight the stress hormone cortisol!
Stress-relieving food #3: Foods containing magnesium
Spinach, salmon and soybeans are rich in magnesium; the mineral that helps fight headaches and fatigue. These two symptoms are both difficult to deal with in a stressful situation, unless you have magnesium!!
Bottom line: Don’t let stress be the reason you suffer from digestive issues that leads to the decline in your overall health. Eat stress-relieving foods to break the vicious cycle of stress.

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If stress is the culprit behind your digestive issues, eat these three stress-relieving foods
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