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If a man can sneak into America with Ebola… Can it happen in South Africa?

by , 10 October 2014

America - and the world for that matter - is abuzz with questions regarding Eric Duncan - a man who died of Ebola in a Texas hospital yesterday.

Reports say he arrived in Dallas from Liberia - a West African country in turmoil with the Ebola outbreak.

One of the questions is HOW did he manage to get into America of all places? Aren't they supposed to be one of the countries with the toughest security measures after the 9/11 disaster?

Well, it's not clear right now - and maybe it never will be - but there's another question on other people's lips: Why did he not get antiviral treatment for Ebola?

Dr William Campbell Douglas II from New Market Health doesn't mince his words. He says Duncan “wasn't important enough to get it!”

While officials said there wasn't any more ZMapp - the “miracle” antiviral for Ebola - left, Dr Douglas found out there was a shipment on its way to Norway for an aid worker with the disease.

The biggest question, however, is if a man infected with Ebola can cross the American border without any problem, are we still safe here in South Africa?

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No one knows if you’re completely safe from Ebola in SA, but you CAN take precautions to stop becoming infected

The news says South Africa is still very low risk when it comes to the Ebola outbreak. It would be better if they had said “no-risk”, but I’m sure you’ll agree: We’ll take what we can get for now.
But just like Eric Duncan, millions of people from all over Africa are crossing our borders on a daily basis. Who knows if they have Ebola or not?
What you need to do is ensure you know enough about how it spreads to know how to protect yourself!
Here are ways you can protect yourself and family from deadly viral infections like Ebola.
#1: Practice good hygiene
Always wash your hands with soap and water throughout the day. Whenever you touch a surface that other people have touched, there’s potential contamination of germs. So washing your hands before you touch anything else is of utmost importance.
#2: Don’t travel to the countries where there’s an outbreak
Don’t go on holiday or business to countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone or Algeria as they’re in the midst of an Ebola crisis. Not only is your risk of infection higher than if you stayed home, you might not be allowed back into the country if you’re returning from one of those with high risk.
#3: Don’t eat undercooked wild bush meat
Researchers say there’s strong evidence the Ebola virus transfers to humans from animals. One of the main causes of the vicious spread is eating infected meat. You should always thoroughly wash any meat you want to cook. Even if it’s from a source you trust.
Also, be sure to cook it until well done. Don’t eat any meat very rare or raw.
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#4: Don’t touch other people’s body fluid or blood
Never touch someone else who is bleeding. And don’t touch anyone else’s body fluids if you don’t know their medical history.
Even if they aren’t carrying the Ebola virus, there are millions of other conditions that transfer through body fluids and blood. It’s essential that you’re aware of this and protect yourself accordingly.
Ebola is a scary virus that’s spreading quickly. And considering the fact that Dallas is now almost on lockdown to determine whether there was any spread of the virus from Eric Duncan, it’s essential you know how to keep yourself safe in the event it happens here is SA too.

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If a man can sneak into America with Ebola… Can it happen in South Africa?
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