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How you deal with emotions has a direct consequence on your health!

by , 28 September 2021
How you deal with emotions has a direct consequence on your health!
A 2019 study investigating the link between stress and illness indicated that the re-appraisal of an emotion, in other words, changing the way you deal with an emotion or how you respond to a circumstance can affect your health.

Manage your emotions to live longer…

Although current research suggests that some people increase in emotional intelligence with age, others don’t. 

In this study, titled “Stress and Illness: A role for specific emotions”, the research was focused more on the regulation of emotion than on the experience of the emotion. 

While suppression of emotion just reduces the way you express that emotion…  The reappraisal of an emotion means you control the way you feel about something…  Reappraisal and suppression have different physiological outcomes in both the autonomic and central nervous system.

In general, suppression is less “healthy” (i.e., requiring additional physiological resources to constrain the powerful expressive forces) than reappraisal. 

For example, the researchers found that heart rate increases were DOUBLE with the suppression of emotion, compared to simply expressing that emotion. 

Therefore, there is a greater metabolic cost (wear and tear) associated with the suppression of emotions. 

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So what can you do today? 

If you have any negative feelings like guilt, anger, sadness, bitterness or resentment… whether it is chronic (built up over a period) or acute (short term), rather than suppressing or fighting that emotion, work through it and allow yourself to experience it. 

This may not come easily, especially if you have a habit of suppresing emotions. Learning to accept and appreciate your emotions for what they are is something everyone can do. It requires you to make a decision and give yourself permission to feel. 

The bottom line is that you can severely influence your health and longevity by how you respond emotionally to your life experiences.

Emotional intelligence is a topic that is very close to my heart and I have devoted much time in studying and understanding how to develop and apply this skill as a tool in fighting disease and helping myself and my clients to thrive. 

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How you deal with emotions has a direct consequence on your health!
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