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How to protect yourself from sunburn from the inside!

by , 03 January 2022
How to protect yourself from sunburn from the inside!
Is this heat keeping you indoors? It doesn't take long in the sun in this kind of heat to burn. And, sunburn isn't just painful and ugly when you start peeling, it increases your chances for skin cancer, so prevention is key.

You can lather yourself with suncream but most of them contain harmful chemicals so they're not ideal. They also stop your body from converting UV rays into vitamin D which is essential for bone health and the immune system amongst other functions. It's so important, the body makes it itself - but only if you allow yourself to be exposed to direct sunlight on your skin.

It would be a catch-22 situation if you didn't know what I'm about to share with you...

The one nutrient that can protect you from sunburn - from the inside...
The nutrient is called astaxanthin. It gives seafood, like salmon and shrimp their pink colouring - and it's a potent antioxidant. 

In a study, researchers from Japan gave participants 4mg of astaxanthin for two months. At the end of the study, those taking the astaxanthin had fewer signs of UV damage to the skin than those who disn't take the nutrient. They also lost less moisture and were able to stay in the sun for longer before their skin started to redden. 

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Imagine not having to worry about sunscreen every day - and knowing you're protected without using any harmful chemicals?

Astaxanthin can do this for you. Scientists think that it builds up inner skin layers and uses its potent antioxidant properties to fight skin damage from the sun. 

But that's not all it's good for. Astaxanthin fights inflammation, keeps your brain sharp, protects your heart and your eyesight and improves your mood. 

Sounds like a win-all nutrient to me. Find out how to get more of it in your diet below...

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How to get more astaxantin in your diet...

As I mentioned earlier, astaxanthin is the nutrient that gives seafood its rosy pink colour, so eating more seafood and pink fish will help you build up that all important protective layer on the inside of your skin.

Opt for wild-caught salmon, krill, trout shrimp, lobster and crayfish. 

You can also buy astaxanthin in supplement form from a health shop. 

Enjoy the sun safely with this natural nutrient.

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How to protect yourself from sunburn from the inside!
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