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How to help your body make more melatonin naturally - so you can sleep better...

by , 02 November 2019
How to help your body make more melatonin naturally - so you can sleep better...
Melatonin is a hormone your body produces which regulates your wake-sleep cycle. The more melatonin it makes, the better you will be able to sleep...

If you struggle to fall asleep or you're not sleeping through the night, it could mean your body isn't making enough melatonin.

7 Ways to improve your sleep by increasing your body's ability to make more melatonin - naturally! 

Your body starts to make melatonin in the evenings, in preparation for sleep, and it stops producing this hormone in the early hours of the morning, so that you can get up, feeling refreshed and alert.

This is called the circadian rhythm and it's quite a sensitive cycle. It responds to certian stimuli in your environment - and your body.

That's a good thing - imagine the circadian rhythm wasn't flexible - you would have to be in bed by a certain time and wake up at a specific time every day... Regardless of babies crying, or night-shift, or even a late night out!

But it has its downfall too... Because it's so sensitive, it can easily be thrown out of whack when all you want is a good night's rest... and you end up staring at the ceiling or problem-solving into the wee hours of the morning instead.   

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Use these tricks to help your body make more melatonin - so you can sleep better! 

Take a magnesium supplement before bed
Besides regulating the production of melatonin, magnesium helps you relax your muscles and reduces cortisol - the stress hormone. It's a great way to prepare your body for sleep.

Switch your digital devices off two hours before bed
Electronics, like cellphones and TV screens, emit blue light, which has the same effect as sunlight on the body. So instead of winding down for sleep, your body produces less melatonin.  

Take a stroll outside every morning when you get up
Getting just a few minutes of direct sunlight in the mornings helps your body regulate its circadian cycle - and the result is more melatonin at night - and better sleep.

Add melatonin-rich foods to your dinner plate
Eating any of these foods a couple of hours before bed can increase your levels of melatonin naturally. They include corn, cucumbers, asparagus, olives, pomegranate, nuts and seeds, and grains like barley. 
Take a warm bath abouot half an hour before bed
A warm bath helps your body produce more melatonin and reduces stress.

Exercise during the day
This also helps your body regulate its sleep cycle - by being physically active during the day when you want to be wide awake.

These tips will help you sleep better every night by helping your body make more melatonin.

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How to help your body make more melatonin naturally - so you can sleep better...
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