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Here's why Sepia officinalis is a top natural remedy for hormonal problems in women

by , 07 July 2016
Here's why Sepia officinalis is a top natural remedy for hormonal problems in women
Are you a woman who suffers from regular hormone imbalances? I'm talking about everything from hormonal breakouts to mood swings to hot flushes…

If you are, you'll be thrilled to know that there's in fact a natural remedy out there that can really help you with all of these dreadful hormone-related symptoms you're suffering - it's Sepia officinalis.

Sepia, derived from ink secreted by the cuttlefish when avoiding predators or catching prey, is a remedy that has a broad range of action over the female organism.

This completely natural remedy is especially useful for women who lead extremely busy lifestyles or are exposed to serious environmental toxicity and thus are disconnecting from nature's cycles and experiencing severe hormonal problems.

Keep reading to find out if you're a “Sepia woman” and if so, how this natural remedy can improve your health and your life.

What kind of woman needs Sepia?

The woman who needs Sepia is typically one who is forced to do something against her will out of a feeling of not being good enough. Sepia women, if we may call them that, do not feel attractive to the opposite sex and so to keep their spouses happy, they do all that they can. 
Sepia women may try to please their spouses by attempting to become the perfect wives with successful careers who are also able to run the household and care for the children at the same time. All of this effort can become overwhelming, resulting in tiredness, sadness, and irritability.

When does the Sepia state occur?

The Sepia state often comes on after a hormonal shock to the system, such as menarche, pregnancy, menopause, long and difficult labours, miscarriage, hysterectomy, and the use of birth control pills. All of these can be an etiology, or underlying instigator of the Sepia state.

The remedy can manifest its symptoms in all areas, but has a particularly strong affinity to the female pelvic organs.

What is Sepia a remedy for?

Sepia is a remedy for hormonal imbalances, and is often indicated in women who have a slightly more masculine build, such as straight rather than curved hips. Sepia women are also very often athletic, and even though, they generally may feel weak, they often feel much better from vigorous exercise.

The exercise they take may be in the form of dance rather than athletics, as this is one of the main remedies for passion to dance in homeopathy.

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Sepia women are often career-oriented, rather than oriented toward raising a family, though they may be engaged in both activities simultaneously, and having a rough time balancing the two. If they are raising a family, even though they love their family dearly, it can be a stress on them. 
Occasionally people who need Sepia have a difficult time showing affection, or they can be indifferent to the people they love, and have a lot of anger or aversion to their spouse. These feelings often come to the fore right before the period is due, in the form of PMS anger. Put simply, Sepia can be used for the following:
  • Women’s problems related to menstruation 
  • Constipation, particularly as a result of pregnancy or menstruation 
  • Dandruff, particularly when associated with “pigmented patches” 
  • Delayed menstruation, particularly if yeast infections are a 
  • Problems associated with menopause 
  • Amenorrhea when accompanied by depression and general aches 
and pains 
  • Menorrhagia when accompanied by dragging pain in the lower 
abdomen, backache, depression, and irritability 
  • Thrush or candidiasis 

Sepia is able to assist with all of the abovementioned weaknesses and disorders. The remedy has the following benefits: 
  • It is universal and available under the same names all over the world 
  • It boosts the immune system 
  • It treats the person in the body both physically and emotionally 
  • It is affordable 
  • It works very quickly (contrary to popular belief) 
  • It is made from natural substances 
  • It is easy and pleasant to take (even for babies and the elderly) 
  • It is a complete system of medicine – there is a homeopathic 
remedy for every disorder in the human body 
Sepia is undoubtedly a wonder remedy for women. 
If you think you may be a Sepia woman, looking into using this magical remedy should be looked into. But beware – Sepia should not be used without consulting an experienced homeopath. 

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Here's why Sepia officinalis is a top natural remedy for hormonal problems in women
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