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Here's another reason to say “no” to a glass of wine at book club

by , 14 October 2014

You probably enjoy a glass of wine or two at book club without feeling guilty about it.

After all, experts say it's good for your health, right?

Sadly, the consensus about alcohol and the benefits it has on your health are rapidly changing.

In fact, researchers say many more people die because of alcohol-related health issues than it helps prevent. As such, they're saying it might be a good idea to simply give it up altogether.

There are plenty ailments that have a strong link to drinking alcohol: Cancer, heart disease, liver failure and dementia just to name a few.

But there's one more ailment you can thank alcohol for. An ailment that has such a detrimental effect on your life that you won't be able to participate in book club anymore…

Your brain doesn’t enjoy alcohol as much as you do

A publication by the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says drinking heavily even on one occasion has a serious effect on your brain.
By the time you realise you’re swaying and talking funny, your brain is processing information a lot slower than normal.
Keep it up, and your brain gets used to this speed.
It’s true!
Then, the extra tissue your brain doesn’t use any more dies off and your brains begins to shrink!
Not only does this leave you with information processing issues, it affects your brain’s hearing centers too.
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Drinking robs you of your ability to hear

As your brain shrinks, so do the hearing centres located inside your brain.
So while there’s nothing wrong with your ears and their ability to pick up sounds, your brain can’t process it as well and that leaves you with hearing loss.
But wait, it’s not the only reason you should quit drinking to save your hearing.
Remember those particularly bad mornings after a night on the town? When even a pin drop can cause your head to split?
Well, alcohol increases the sensitivity of the organs inside your ears. So even noises that shouldn’t harm your hearing cause damage to your ears because of your heightened sensitivity to noise.
That’s a double punch leading you down the path to permanent hearing loss.
And don’t think just because you’re a light drinker you won’t suffer alcohol-related hearing loss!
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Even sipping a few alcoholic drinks a month can cause hearing loss

If you’re a light drinker – meaning you drink less than 13 drinks a month – you’re still at risk of hearing loss.
This because the damage to your ears is accumulative, says healthyhearing.com.
The more you drink, the more damage there is to your ears.
So the question you need to ask yourself: Is having a good timereally worth the risk of having to live the rest of your life unable to hear?

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Here's another reason to say “no” to a glass of wine at book club
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