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Help for a lagging libido - from Mother Nature...

by , 26 February 2019
Help for a lagging libido - from Mother Nature...
If libido drugs were harmless and inexpensive, it wouldn't be as important to consider using natural therapies.

But the reality is they pose too many risks to be considered the treatment of choice - especially when there are safer, natural options readily available for you to try.

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L-arginine: Just say yes to NO...

The first step is to make sure your testosterone levels are where they need to be by getting your levels tested.

Then, you need to increase your body’s levels of nitric oxide (NO). It sounds somewhat ominous (like you’re pumping yourself full of rocket fuel), but nitric oxide is actually the natural substance primarily responsible for causing and maintaining erections.

It is possible to raise NO levels safely and naturally, enabling normal erections, by raising levels of the amino acid L-arginine, which can be rapidly converted to NO when needed in the body.
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The best food sources of L-arginine are grains, seeds, beans, nuts and chocolate. You can also take L-arginine supplements, or a formula containing L-arginine, like Argi-Vive Plus.

L-arginine is generally considered to be very safe, even at the high doses.

However, if you have cancer or any form of herpes, you should consult your doctor before supplementing with L-arginine.

Plus, there's something you must know...

When testosterone levels decrease, sexual dysfunction isn’t the only result.

The chemical imbalance can lead to symptoms such as depressionfatigue and muscle weakness.

But researchers specialising in male health and sexual function have reported that a combination of two safe natural metabolites – propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine – are even more effective than testosterone in treating the depression, fatigue and sexual dysfunction that can be associated with male ageing.

It’s not that testosterone doesn’t work – in fact, the researchers reported that testosterone worked significantly better than placebo. It’s just
that the combination of carnitines worked even better.

None of the groups experienced significant side effects. And since they’re safe and effective alternatives to testosterone, the carnitines offer the perfect solution for men who have had prostate cancer and can’t take testosterone.

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Help for a lagging libido - from Mother Nature...
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