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Hectic menopause symptoms? It could be your heart!

by , 25 July 2018

A recent study published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society found that the more severe your menopause symptoms, the higher your risk for heart attack.

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This study should encourage doctors to pay closer attention to menopausal symptoms... 
The study was led by Kerrie Moreau of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. To reach their findings, Moreau’s team tracked outcomes of 138 menopausal women in order to compare symptoms, mood and quality of life with key markers of ‘vascular ageing’ – the condition of ageing blood vessels.
The team found that in all stages of menopause, artery stiffening and dysfunction of blood vessels were each linked to more frequent and severe menopausal symptoms as well as a lower quality of life among women.

While past studies have found a strong link between hot flushes and increased risk for heart disease, this study found that frequency of hot flushes was specifically associated with greater arterial stiffening.
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These findings aren’t surprising given the role of oestrogen in heart health

Oestrogen is a powerful antioxidant and mediator of vascular health through its effect on another hormone, serotonin, which helps regulate our temperature, nerves and cardiovascular system.
Dr Rabin believes that dips in oestrogen levels during menopause could account for changes in heart health risks.

If you're experiencing severe or frequent hot flushes, be sure to insist that your doctor examines your heart health.

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Protect yourself from deadly killer No 1: Heart Disease

Countless studies have proven that L-carnitine can help you avoid heart problems.
The Mayo Clinic recently looked at 13 controlled trials involving 3,629 people. It concluded that L-carnitine had many heart benefits and said:

“Compared with a placebo or control, L-carnitine is associated with a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in ventricular arrhythmia, and a 40% reduction in anginal symptoms in patients experiencing an acute myocardial infarction”

That’s not all…
The Oregon State University gives details about a placebo-controlled study with 70 heart failure patients. The study found that the survival rate was much higher in the group taking L-carnitine compared to the placebo group.
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Addressing your menopause symptoms, could improve your heart health
It stands to reason that if you address low oestrogen levels, your heart health could improve. 

Don't take unnecessary risks though, look for a doctor who will help you do this with bio-identical hormone therapy.

Synthetic HRT has been linked to cancer, so seeking bio-identical hormone therapy could be a safer route to take. 

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Hectic menopause symptoms? It could be your heart!
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