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Healthy fat can boost your chances of getting pregnant, American study reveals

by , 03 May 2017
Healthy fat can boost your chances of getting pregnant, American study reveals
You're probably familiar with the most noteworthy ways in which eating seafood benefits your health - from lowering inflammation to improving your heart health.

Now, according to researchers at the University of Colorado in the US, adding more fish to your diet can even boost your chances of getting pregnant. Researches attributed this benefit to seafood's high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

To learn more about how omega-3s can boost your fertility, keep reading...

American study links omega-3 fatty acids to more precursors in egg cells

Dr Malgorzata Skaznik-Wikiel, an obstetrician-gynecologist, led the study, which was presented the American Society of Reproductive Medicine annual meeting.
To reach their findings, Dr Skaznik-Wikiel and her team worked with a group of mice that were genetically bred to have healthy ratios of omega-3 fatty acids. She explained that these mice were born with the ability to bathe their tissues and cells in omega-3 fats, so the team looked at their egg development in their ovaries.


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And it’s all thanks to the “Omega 3 Effect”

They found that the mice with higher levels of omega-3s seemed to have more precursors in their egg cells, compared to those in the control group who had lower levels of the fat. What this essentially means in that the mice with higher omega-3 levels had a larger reserve of eggs-to-be, which could mature into a healthy egg that’s fertilised and can result in a live birth.

Researchers note that omega-3 fatty acids may improve the quality of eggs, too

Furthermore, Dr Skaznik-Wikiel said that when the team examined the mice’s ovaries more closely, they found that the animals with higher levels of omega-3s had better quality eggs. The quality of eggs is very important – the better the quality, the higher the chance that an egg will be fertilised and develop into a live baby.
“Based on this study, it looks very encouraging that omega 3s can potentially improve fertility,” said Dr Skaznik-Wikiel. ““Our study shows that there may be some relationship between dietary factors and things like egg quality so one idea may be recommending supplementation with omega 3s to improve fertility.”
While Dr Skaznik-Wikiel and her team aren’t yet sure how omega-3s help ovaries produce better quality eggs, previous studies suggest that the fats may calm inflammation, which can adversely affect ovarian function. 

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Healthy fat can boost your chances of getting pregnant, American study reveals
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