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Have you heard about all the hemp seed oil benefits? No? Well, you're about to!

by , 04 February 2015

You might already have heard the hushed whispers about the health benefits of hemp seed oil. But you might not yet be convinced that it's a natural remedy you'd like to try.

Now, we're not going to try to convince you that it'll save your life and change every aspect of your health.

No, we wouldn't do that.

Because you'll do that yourself once you know a little more about this amazing food.

It's true!

Most researchers are still keeping their study results hush-hush, but a few are starting to scream hemp seed oil's benefits from the rooftops. And we want to share their information with you.

Whether you have or are trying to prevent cancer, are suffering from arthritis or niggling joint pain, have problems with your memory or are trying to keep dementia from stealing it altogether, hemp seed oil can help you in all aspects of your health.

So, keep reading to discover why you'll never want to use another oil in your kitchen again…

It’s time to convince yourself that the hemp seed oil benefits far outweight the controversy surrounding it

More and more research centers are looking into what the craze behind the hemp seed oil benefits are. And they’re finding much more than they ever expected.
Well respected journals are publishing these studies and the information is slowly hitting the main stream.
What’s so significant about the journal articles is that every study goes through a review panel before the journal will publish it. And this means if the experts reviewing the study think there’s something untoward about the results, the study doesn’t make it into the journal.
So, with so many hemp seed oil benefit studies receiving the go-ahead to get into journals, there’s no denying that the medical community is realising there is something about this controversial treatment.
Now, you might be wondering what the controversy is about. Well, think about where hemp seed oil comes from.
That’s right: The marijuana plant.
But hold on, it’s not the part of the plant that gets you high.
In fact, it’s far from it. The seeds contain such small traces of the TLC drug that you wouldn’t even be able to pick it up in your system should you go for tests.
Somehow, the association to a recreational drug still makes some people hesitant to use it.
And maybe that’s you.
But here comes the mind-changing information…
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Hemp seed oil is the ultimate solution to a world of health problems

Give your heart health a boost

A study posted by the National Institutes of Health says hemp seed oil has a unique property that makes it great for your heart health.
While many oils contain healthy Omega 3s with smaller amounts of omega 6s, they’re nothing in comparison to hemp seed oil.
This because these little seeds contain the perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.
The significance of this is that the ratio is essential for good health.
Previously, omega 3s received all the praise. But you need omega 6s too! They’re also essential polyunsaturated fatty acids and they play an essential role in your immune system.
You see, omega 6s convert to compounds during digestion that cause your body to release inflammatory proteins. For situations when a toxin enters your body or you get an infection, this process is essential.
But when it doesn’t turn off, it’s a disaster.
That’s where omega 3s comes in. When the ratio of 3s to 6s is right, omega 3s take over and maintain the anti-inflammatory pathways until your body needs the inflammation.
Think about it. When there isn’t enough omega 3s, 6s simply keep your body making inflammatory compounds. And that’s where disease comes in.
Atherosclerosis – or hardening of the arteries – is one of the consequences of this. The inflammation within your blood vessels causes your body to pull cholesterol into the walls to patch up any injured areas. The areas harden and the wall becomes inflexible.
When your blood pushes past these hardened spots, your arteries can’t accommodate it and the pressure behind the hard part increases. The damage this causes is most significant when the arteries on the other side of the heart harden. It means your heart muscle has to push harder to force the blood through the narrowed, hard vessel. And too much work makes your heart muscle fatigue.
So, not only is the blood not reaching all the parts of your body in time, your heart is labouring under the additional stress.
And it’s not going to be able to do that forever.
Do you see how essential the omega 3 to 6 ratio is now? And the great hemp seed oil benefits for it?Hemp seed oil may prevent dementia

Your brain is desperate for the nutrients in hemp seed oil

A study published in the Europe Pubmed Central journal says, while it’s taken a while, researchers have finally realised there are great benefits to having both omega 3s and 6s through your diet and not only omega 3s.
But omega 3s are still as important as experts made them out to be.
Especially when it comes to your brain health.
Omega 3s polyunsaturated fatty acids break down into docosahexaenoic acids (DHA), which are essential for brain development.
Studies say, when a baby develops in its mom’s womb, having additional DHA could provide a huge benefit to their developing brain. And that’s why, current research is underway to determine how effective it would be for pregnant women to supplement on hemp seed oil when they’re expecting.
But hemp seed oil’s benefits aren’t only for the developing brain. It’s for an adult brain too!
Especially those susceptible to inflammatory diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
In both a Chicago and Rotterdam study, researchers found that older people who eat at least one serving of good quality fatty fish, have an astonishing 60% lower Alzheimer’s risk than those who eat less fatty fish.
And it’s the DHA from omega 3s in fatty fish like wild salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring that has the protective effects on the brain.
What’s more, is the Chicago study showed that the participants who had the APOE4 gene that is the carrier of Alzheimer’s had lower risk of developing dementia when they had even plant-derived DHA.
That’s a significant breakthrough in dementia prevention. When even those carrying the genes for dementia are at lower risk, there’s little reason you shouldn’t be getting your daily fill.
But don’t think you can live on wild salmon for the rest of your life. There’s something that has even better quality omega 3s… And that’s hemp oil!

The big question: Can hemp seed oil protect you from cancer?

It might do just that!
While studies are still underway to determine the exact effects of hemp seed oil on cancer, there’s quite a lot of research that gives the answer away.
Like this one done by researchers at Cairo University in Egypt.
They wanted to know what happened to inflammatory responses when they gave their subjects hemp seed oil. In particular, they wanted to see what their levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) did.
You see, as soon as there’s injury to any of your tissue, your body releases CRP and the inflammatory process starts. So, measuring the levels of CRP in your blood, would give you an indication as to what stage of tissue injury and inflammation you’re in.
Experts haven’t quite been able to find out what the connection between CRP and cancer is. All they know is there is a clear link between the two. And that measuring CRP can give a good idea of the cancer risk of a patient.
So when the Egyptians measured CRP levels in their study participants before and after dietary of intake of hemp seed oil, they knew it would help protect against cancer. All the participants using hemp seed oil had significantly lower CRP levels than the control group using none.
This means their bodies were responding to the intervention of hemp seed oil and it was benefitting their tissue injury and inflammatory levels.
So, that’s a pretty clear sign that hemp seed oil works and may lower your cancer risk.
But how do you use it?
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You’ll get the hemp seed oil benefits by using it in your everyday diet

All you have to do to get the benefits of hemp seed oil is to use it as you would any other oil in your every day diet.
The only aspect you have to know is that you shouldn’t heat it or it loses some of its beneficial properties.
So use it on salads, as a base for mayo, as a dip with balsamic vinegar for bread and any other way you’d usually add other oil to your food.
Don’t be put off by the fact you shouldn’t heat it. Either this will convince you to eat more natural and fresh food, or you can simply add the oil to the food after you cook it!
Whatever you do, we hope you’re as excited as we are about having hemp seed oil as a product so we can continue with our vision to help you live a naturally healthier life – easily and starting right now!
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