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Had your gallbladder removed? Change your diet, advises the Mayo Clinic

by , 20 June 2014

If you've suffered from constant gallbladder issues and your doctor decided to remove it, you're much better off.

This because you'll be free of the constant infections in your gallbladder, digestion issues and general pain you've been feeling.

But this doesn't mean you can just go about living your life as you did.

In fact, it's essential for your recovery and your digestion to change your diet, says the Mayo Clinic.

But don't worry, you don't have to make any huge changes and you can live a pretty normal life in terms of diet.

Use these three tips to make those changes part of your new pain free lifestyle.

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Tip #1: Eat smaller, more frequent meals
While there’s no specific diet you need to follow after the removal of your gallbladder, it’s best to change your eating habits to suit the way your body now digests food, says the Mayo Clinic.
Eat smaller meals so your body doesn’t struggle to digest large, complex ones.
Tip #2: Ditch the fatty foods
Because bile is what digests fat and you no longer produce it, save your body the stress of having to deal with fat by cutting it out of your diet. Don’t cut all of it out though as essential processes in your body need it!
The Mayo Clinic suggests you have less than 3g fat per meal.
Tip #3: Slowly add more fibre to your diet
Eating too much fibre initially can make you produce gas and start bloating and cramping. But you’ll need to slowly increase your fibre intake so your bowel movements become regular.
Use these three tips to get your digestion back on track after experiencing debilitation gallbladder issues.

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Had your gallbladder removed? Change your diet, advises the Mayo Clinic
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