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Got a cold? Why eating chicken soup isn't just an old wives tale...

by , 12 May 2020
Got a cold? Why eating chicken soup isn't just an old wives tale...
There's a reason a bowl of chicken soup feels so good when you're sick… And it's not just because it brings back memories of your grandma nursing you back to health.

Made right, chicken soup is overflowing with virus-fighting nutrients.

What is it about chicken soup and colds?

Studies have identified the cold and flu-fighting compound in chicken soup as carnosine, which is found in the skeletal muscle of most vertebrates. Just 100g of chicken breast contains 400mg of carnosine! 

Carnosine strengthens the immune system so that it can fight off viral invaders, including colds and flu.

Already way back in 1993, researchers discovered that thanks to carnosine, chicken soup can reduce inflammation, improve respiratory infection symptoms, relieve nasal congestion, keep you hydrated and stimulate white blood cells to fight those infections.

It will help loosen up phlegm and it’s delicious to eat so it goes down easily when you’re feeling ill.

But your gran already knew all of this!

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Keep reading to find out how to make your chicken soup an even more powerful weapon against colds and flu...

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Add these ingredients to your chicken soup to make it even healthier! 

Garlic: It's one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics, so powerful; it can help treat MRSA and staph infections.

Onions: Research shows the thiosulfinates in onions are responsible for their antimicrobial properties. And, today, even the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises the onion for its ability to help relieve flu symptoms, including cough, congestion, respiratory infection and bronchitis.

Cloves: Ayurvedic medicine relies on cloves to treat respiratory problems. And, chewing a clove is said to help ease throat irritation.

Ginger: Add fresh ginger pieces to chicken soup when you’re sick. It has antiviral and antiinflammatory properties and can help fight the cold and throat and chest infections.

Sage: The herb sage contains natural antibiotics that help kill germs.

Chillies: They help release thick sticky mucous deposits from the lungs, throat and chest. They contain the same chemical used in cough mixtures.

Turmeric: Studies show turmeric contains polyphenolic compounds that have antiviral and antibiotic properties, and can help fight infections such as the common cold.

Cayenne: Shrinks blood vessels in your nose and throat, relieving nasal congestion.

Don't reach for the cough syrups and anti-cogestants in your medicine cabinet when you have a cold - invest 10 minutes in preparing nature's effective remedy - the humble chicken soup!

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Got a cold? Why eating chicken soup isn't just an old wives tale...
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