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Give your body a natural adrenal tune-up and feel energised again!

by , 29 January 2020
Give your body a natural adrenal tune-up and feel energised again!
For too many people, fatigue and weakness are constant parts of daily life. Often, the symptoms aren't caused by the things most doctors instinctively look for, such as a malfunctioning thyroid, so the individual is left tired, weak and lacking effective treatment.

In many cases, the mysterious cause of their fatigue lies in the adrenal gland.

Find out how to revive your adrenal glands and finally feel really alive again!

The debilitating condition that's often ignored by mainstream doctors

Doctors have known about hypoadrenalism since the 1800s, yet weak adrenal gland function continues to be one of the most prevalent undiagnosed conditions.

The adrenals are the primary stress-response glands in the body. If they aren’t operating efficiently, severe exhaustion and other problems can result.

Many people, mostly women, suffer from this debilitating condition for literally decades without a proper diagnosis. The problem is often ignored by conventional medicine, or diagnosed incorrectly since the main symptoms – weakness, fatigue, and exercise intolerance – mirror those
of many other conditions.

Other symptoms of hypoadrenalism include dizziness upon standing, heart palpitations, and low blood pressure.

The good news is, once they have been diagnosed properly, patients suffering from hypoadrenalism can be treated with
natural therapies that often lead to a full recovery.

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The one vitamin you must start taking today to help reboot your adrenal glands...

Adrenal glands have the highest vitamin C content of any organ in the body, but weak adrenals need extra help.
Especially since, for most creatures, except humans, their bodies produce extra vitamin C naturally in response to any stress. So when they experience a stressful experience or day, their bodies will just make extra vitamn C to cope with the added stress.

Not humans... We are among a few species that have a genetic defect - our bodies don't make its own vitamin C under any circumstances, stress or otherwise... So we must make sure we get adequate amounts from supplements and food sources like fruits and vegetables.
If your adrenal glands needs a reboot, take at least 1 gram three times per day of vitamin C. You can increase this dosage up to 3 grams, three times per day or until you start experiencing loose bowels. 

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Give your body a natural adrenal tune-up and feel energised again!
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