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Get your most luscious locks ever with these three ancient oils!

by , 07 September 2016
Get your most luscious locks ever with these three ancient oils!
As you probably already know, natural oils are excellent for both your hair and scalp. I've been experimenting with them a lot lately. I use a number of different aromatic blends to treat my skin and hair each day.

I love natural oils not only because they smell simply delightful, but also because they pack some serious health and beauty benefits. Plus, when you blend them with intensely moisturising and regenerating kitchen staples, you can boost their potency to work wonders on your hair and scalp!

Read on for my top three hair oils that will penetrate deeply into your hair follicles and shaft to produce seriously shiny, healthy hair as well as regulate your sebaceous glands to increase your hair growth, strengthen your strands, sooth a flaky scalp and alleviate dandruff.

Three ancient oils that work wonders for your hair

#1: Coconut oil
Coconut oil is mainly comprised of smaller medium-chain fatty acids. Therefore, this oil penetrates locks faster and more deeply than other conditioners, leaving your hair soft and shiny as ever. Coconut oil also stimulates hair growth by getting deep into your hair follicles and helps fight problems such as dandruff, lice and insect bites. By applying this oil regularly, you can also repair hair breakage and split ends, which will contribute to your hair length.

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#2: Almond oil
I love almond oil because it’s mild and hypoallergenic. It’s so gentle that you can even use it safely on a baby’s skin! To enhance the absorption of this oil, warm it up to body temperature before you apply it to your hair and scalp. Almond oil naturally packs a fantastic dose of vitamin E, which can help protect your skin from UV radiation damage and oxidative stress as well as keep it soft and smooth.
#3: Kukui nut oil
Have you heard of Kukui nut oil before? It’s an ancient and traditional Polynesian favourite that’s chock-full of vitamin A and E, therefore making it a moisturising masterpiece. You can massage it into your scalp to help with dryness or flakiness, or even apply it to your split ends for an instant moisture boost. The best part? Kukui oil is a very light oil, so your skin will absorb it quickly and leave no greasy residues.
Here’s to beautiful, healthy hair!

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Get your most luscious locks ever with these three ancient oils!
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