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From heart disease to tooth decay and even joint pain, this one food causes them all

by , 17 September 2014

It's something you eat without even knowing and, when you do know you're eating it, it can cause such pleasure and joy.

But while your mood soars, your insides are in turmoil and your body starts believing it's in the middle of a war zone.

It has only one option but to attack. With inflammation.

So what is this delectable but highly dangerous food?

It's sugar…

Find out how every bit of sugar you consume is slowly killing you, leaving you with at least ten chronic illnesses and ailments.

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Think about it. Is that piece of chocolate really worth all the agony it causes?

#1. Did you ever think sugar could be your heart’s worst enemy?
#2. Your love of sugary fizzy drinks could leave you with rheumatoid arthritis.
#3. Too much sugar in your diet leads to cancer.
#4. Sugar makes diabetes so much worse!
#5. Put down that chocolate! It’s putting your mental health in danger.
#6. Your mom was right! Your love of chocolate IS wrecking havoc on your skin.
#7. Sweet after dinner treats are destroying your hearing.
#8. Imagine going blind just because you can’t give up sugar.
#9. Got asthma? Put that bag of sweets down now!
#10. It’s not sugar that ruins your teeth when you eat sweets, its acid!
As you can see, cutting back on sugar isn’t only about keeping your weight in check.
You’ll make a huge impact to your health as well!

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From heart disease to tooth decay and even joint pain, this one food causes them all
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