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Four ways to help your body get rid of toxins, to have all-day energy and go back to a state of well-being and bliss

by , 08 November 2016
Four ways to help your body get rid of toxins, to have all-day energy and go back to a state of well-being and bliss
Everyone has heard of detoxing, but many people don't really know how it works. While most think that detoxing is complicated, it doesn't require you to go on an expensive raw juice cleanse. In fact, detoxifying happens naturally in your body every single day!

According to circadian circles, morning time is the ideal time to help your body get rid of toxins. Well-known Costa Rica-based Reiki therapist, Soizic June Hagège, has gathered four ways to boost your energy and happiness.

Four tips to detox in the morning

#1: Drink a cup of warm water
According to Hagège, you should replenish your body with warm water first thing every morning. She explains that drinking warm water on an empty tummy will increase your metabolism and stimulate your digestive-colic reflex, which will help eliminate the waste sitting in your gut from the day before. For bonus points, Hagège suggests add a few slices of organic lemon to the water. For a sweeter drink, you can even add a drizzle of raw honey!
#2: Blend up a smoothie
A nutrient-dense is one of Hagège’s favourite recipes to start the day. Not only is it an excellent what to ensure you get everything your body needs, from leafy greens to healthy fats, it also helps avoid bloating and that “food coma” feeling. Hagège explains that less energy will go toward digestion with a smoothie than with a heavier breakfast meal, leaving you feeling energetic and lighter throughout the day.

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#3: Try oil pulling with sesame or coconut oil
This ancient Ayurvedic practice has gotten much attention in the media lately due to its remarkable health benefits. Hagège says that swishing sesame or coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes on an empty stomach will improve both your oral and overall health as it helps draw toxins out of your whole body. Once you’re done, Hagège recommends spitting the oil out into a trash can rather than the basin as it can clog drains.
#4: Scrape bacteria and toxins from your tongue
Tongue scraping is another Ayurvedic practice that everyone’s talking about right now. The ritual simply consists of literally scraping bacteria and toxins from the surface of your tongue. Hagège says that this practice should be done in the morning because your digestive system spends the night removing toxins from your body by moving them to your tongue. 
Removing these toxins from your tongue as soon as you wake up will help you avoid swallowing them, which, in turn, helps prevent digestive problems. Hagège also says that tongue scraping can be more efficient than brushing your teeth considering most of the toxins in your mouth are found on your tongue. Isn’t that interesting?
These four steps will help you tune into your circadian rhythm start feeling better quickly!

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Four ways to help your body get rid of toxins, to have all-day energy and go back to a state of well-being and bliss
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