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Four quick and easy ways to reverse a weak sex drive

by , 09 February 2018
Four quick and easy ways to reverse a weak sex drive
You're not the only one in libido limbo. In fact, many people - both men and women - have negative or anxious feelings at the deepest level about their weak sex drive...

But you're in luck - we know of some easy ways to regain your sexual excitement and desire of youth no matter how old you are!

Here are some natural, effective self-care techniques and treatments that optimise hormonal, adrenal, thyroid and pelvic health to get you started on your path to a surging libido.

Quick and easy ways to fix a weak sex drive

Eat foods that promote your sexual well-being
Certain foods are unusually rich in nutrients and contain vitamins and minerals that promote your sexual well-being. Examples of such foods are cruciferous vegetables, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, blueberries, acai berries, pomegranates, green tea and shitake mushrooms.
Do aerobic exercise and weight lifting
Exercise has tons of beneficial effects on your hormones that increase your sex drive – but only if you do the right kinds of exercise. Aerobic exercise – exercises that get your sweating and raise your heart rate – and weight lifting are to excellent options. Do at least 20 minutes of each at least three to four times a week.


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Detox your home
The toxins lurking in your environment can wreak havoc on your sex drive! On the flip side, when your body isn’t bombarded with chemicals, it doesn’t have to spend so much energy ridding itself of toxins and you’ll feel your energy levels and sex drive increase drastically. Swap out all the chemical cleaning and personal care products in your home for all-natural versions, which do the job just as well.
Go on a cleanse
Try a dietary cleanse for one week. Here are a few guidelines for your cleanse:
  • Eliminate all sugar and gluten;
  • Eat a colourful salad every day;
  • For grains, only eat quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth;
  • Up your vegetable intake – particularly cruciferous vegetables;
  • Drink 350 ml of water with lemon juice added every morning; and
  • Limit your protein to beans, legumes, organic protein and wild salmon.
Let us know what you think of these easy fixes for your weak sex drive!

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Four quick and easy ways to reverse a weak sex drive
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