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Four health concerns associated with nut butter that no one ever talks about

by , 17 March 2017
Four health concerns associated with nut butter that no one ever talks about
Ah, nut butter...

It's one of those foods that you simply can't seem to remove from the top of your mouth. Perhaps there's a reason why this so-called healthy food gets stuck - maybe there's a chance it doesn't belong there?

I hate to break it to you, but nut butter has been deceiving you this whole time. While this food contains monounsaturated fats, which are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, and are packed with vitamins B3 and E, copper, tryptophan, niacin and manganese, there are potential health risks associated with nut butter.

Read on for four reasons why you may want to stop eating nut butter - whether it's crunchy or smooth.

Four primary health concerns associated with nut butter that you should address

#1: Nut butter can trigger allergies
Around 2% of people are allergic to peanuts and 0.5% are allergic to almonds and other tree nuts. Nut allergies can be very serious and potentially life-threatening.
#2: Nut butter can cause food poisoning
Every now and again, there are recalls on nut butters – as there are for many different foods. Nut butter can carry salmonella as well as aflatoxin – a class of toxic compounds produced by certain moulds found in food, which can cause liver damage and cancer.


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#3: Nut butter is high in oxalates
Nuts like peanuts and almonds are high in oxalates – a category of naturally occurring compounds that can cause kidney stones. This could be a concern for people who are prone to or at risk of kidney stones.
#4: Nut butter contains filler ingredients
Many nut butter brands contain extra ingredients like sugar, oils and other filler ingredients to enhance taste and texture, prevent the separation of natural oils and extend shelf life. If it doesn’t contain just one ingredient – like peanuts or almonds – you should be skeptical!
In addition to the above health concerns associated with nut butter, natural nut butters generally only last five to six months if you store them in the fridge. They can also be pricy – in fact, natural almond butter can be up to three times more expensive than peanut butter!
That said, the health risks that nut butter carries aren’t major concerns – except for people with nut allergies, of course.

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Four health concerns associated with nut butter that no one ever talks about
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