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Four freaky side effects of stress - from lacking libido to losing hair

by , 27 July 2017
Four freaky side effects of stress - from lacking libido to losing hair
It goes without saying that stress really sucks - it messes with your mind and body in serious ways, from zapping your energy to making your skin break out.

But that's not all - there are other freaky symptoms of stress you probably don't know about! For example, if you're lacking libido or losing hair, it could be due to stress, too. Read on for four nasty side effects of stress!

Lacking libido? Losing hair? Stress may be the culprit!

Side effect #1: You’re lacking libido
It’s no secret that when you’re stressed and your mind is someplace else, it can be almost impossible to concentrate. That’s not the only way stress affects your mood though – it can also impact what’s going down (or, should we say, not going down) between the sheets. Chronic stress in particular can cause a lacking libido by impacting your body’s production of sex hormones. To help ease this side effect, focus on eating whole foods and cutting back on junk food in times of stress.
Side effect #2: You’re losing hair
Stress causes a spike in androgens, which can cause your skin to break out and your hair to shed more than usual. After an extremely stressful period, you may experience hair loss for a good three to six months! On the upside, you can help the cells in your hair follicles heal back to normal by following a healthy, balanced diet.


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Side #3: Your memory is slipping
Traumatic stress – as in stress caused by intense feelings of helplessness, fear or threat – can take a major toll of the area of your brain where your memories are stored, leading to memory slips. This kind of stress actually causes this area of your brain to shrink, making it tough to remember facts, lists, long gaps of times and the entirety of an event.
Side effects #4: Your back is sore
When you’re in “stress mode”, your blood pressure and heart raise rise and your body releases hormones to help with your fight-or-flight response. This combination can cause your back muscles to tighten up and amplify the aches and pains you get from sitting at a desk all day long. To overcome stress-related back pain, try standing up from your desk every hour or doing stretch exercises.
From lacking libido to losing hair – these are four seriously freaky side effects of stress! 

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Four freaky side effects of stress - from lacking libido to losing hair
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