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Four face oils you need to add to your skincare routine

by , 15 October 2015

Face oils are an age-old beauty secret that's quickly gaining favour. They're on every woman's radar right now! And for good reason - they have incredible hydrating, clear, brightening and anti-ageing properties.

Here are four face oils I highly recommend you try. Each one is formulated with essential oils and packed with a high concentration of nutrients.

Four face oils you need to try

#1: For skin that needs hydration and nourishment – Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate
Kieh’s latest addition to their oil range (oh how I love the Midnight Recovery Oil!) is the Daily Reviving Concentrate. It offers your skin a dose of hydration, nourishment and radiance, while eliminating dryness caused by everyday stressors. The citrus-scented formula is divine, and contains vitamin E as well as ginger root essential oil.
#2: For skin that’s damaged or scarred – Esse Repair Oil
This is a tissue oil that’s fantastic for nourishing your skin and fuelling cell regeneration. It contains omega oils found in flax, marula and rosehip oils. It also has very effective healing properties that can cure damaged skin, scars and pigmentation. If you’re all about certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free products like I am, this is the oil for you!
Coconut oil is one of nature’s most valuable health solutions
It can:
Build your brain
Boost your immunity
Help you lose weight
Improve your skin
Help your heart and more…
Discover all the ways coconut oil can help YOUR health here
#3: For skin that’s suffering fine lines and wrinkles – Clinique Smart Treatment Oil
This treatment oil coaxes the skin’s energy, while nourishing, conditioning and helping to smooth out fine, dry lines as well as wrinkled. Its formula is light and luxe with a three-way antioxidant combination of argan oil, which raises the skin’s ability to clear up and repair itself.
#4: For skin that needs a pick-me-up – Derma Fix Age Defying Moroccan Argan Oil
This 100% organic oil’s main ingredient is the skin-loving argan oil. The little bottle hydrates and provides anti-ageing properties to skin that needs a mini pick-me-up. Keep it in your handbag and tame stray hair or alternatively, use it as a cuticle oil. How handy, right?

I love these four natural oils.

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Four face oils you need to add to your skincare routine
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