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Four common foods that are sucking the heat right out of your love life

by , 29 June 2015

How many times in the last month have you found yourself saying, “Not tonight honey” when she cuddles up close?

Well, it could be something you ate…

Read on below to find out why…


Some foods boost your libido and others kill it

Here’s a list of four surprising foods killing your sex life:
#1: Sushi
Sushi is often touted as the ultimate health food, but when it comes to your libido, it doesn’t live up to this promise. 
And it’s all because of the soy sauce you liberally dunk your favourite pieces in. 
Countless studies show soy’s oestrogenic isoflavones interfere with the production and usage of testosterone in your body.
Since testosterone is essential to your manhood, eating large quantities of soy sauce and soy based products can result in lost libido and erectile dysfunction.  
#2: Cheese
These days, more and more foods are loaded with synthetic hormones.
And cheese (especially if made from cow’s milk) is especially good at messing with your hormone (progesterone, testosterone and oestrogen) production and making you desire sex less.
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#3: Flax seed oil
While flax seed is touted as a health must-have because it’s one of the richest known sources for omega 3s, but it’s also a known testosterone killer. 
The reason why is simple: The seeds are filled with “lingans” which mimic oestrogen (the female hormone) in your body. 
The more oestrogen you have, the less ferocious your sexual appetite will be. 
#4: Chocolate 
This one surprised me! After all, I’ve read countless reports on the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate.
Seems they were wrong. 
Chocolate (especially milk chocolate high in sugar as I mentioned earlier) can actually suppress your testosterone levels and reduce your sex drive.  
PS: Having too little testosterone is about more than just struggling to satisfy your wife, it also leave you with:
  • Man boobs and a “spare tire.”
  • Zapped of energy, lazy, tired… Going to bed exhausted… And then waking up worn out. 
  • Brain fog that makes it hard to answer questions, put things together, or recall recent conversations…
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Four common foods that are sucking the heat right out of your love life
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