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Forget that enema - try these herbs for natural constipation relief…

by , 07 October 2013

Are tummy problems stopping you from enjoying life? If they are, you know all too well how a morning on the golf course with your mates… A day shopping with the grandkids… Or, a night out on the dance floor is a risky affair…

You could suddenly be left feeling bloated, sluggish and in great discomfort - sometimes without warning.

But before you start chewing laxatives, or worse, contemplating your next enema, you should know about this exciting new research out of Pakistan.

This Indian berry may hold the power to unleash your bound-up bowels and bring you total digestive relief fast!

Researchers from the Aga Khan Medical College in Karachi ran an animal study that proved the sacred Indian gooseberry can effectively relieve constipation.

The Indian gooseberry is a sacred fruit in India and other parts of the world. It’s been used for centuries to relieve everything from constipation to colds and fevers.

And this study just proves it… The researchers tested dosages of 100mg and 300mg of Indian gooseberry extract on a variety of animals. The study confirmed this Indian berry can in fact kick-start your bowels. In no time, their bowel tissue sprung to life, clearing out waste and relieving stubborn constipation.

Other herbs that have been shown to ease bloating and constipation are: Fenugreek seeds, Fennel seeds, Juniper and yerba mate. You’ll be able to buy these herbs from a health shop.

Studies on Prokinetic, Laxative and Spasmodic Activities of Phyllanthus emblica in Experimental Animals: (onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

Soothe your Irritable Bowel Disease Symptoms…

Finally, now there’s an insoluble fibre that doesn’t aggravate irritable bowel symptoms…

Fibregum reduces pain and cramps by stabilising intestinal contractions… And, it reduces episodes of diarrhoea, constipation and flatulence.

Then it sweeps away harmful toxins and waste.  If allowed to build up in the intestines, those toxins can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and cause disease. Find out more here…

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Forget that enema - try these herbs for natural constipation relief…
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