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Follow these five steps to preventing kidney stones

by , 15 June 2014

If you have a family history of kidney stones or you've gone through the excruciating pain of passing a stone yourself, you're cautious to avoid kidney stones. Here are five steps to help you do just that…

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Avoid these top five causes of acute kidney stones

If kidney stones run in our family, you’re a male and over 40, your risk for developing acute kidney stones is higher.
And although there’s not much you can do about these three inherent risk factors, you can still help prevent kidney stones by following these five steps:
  1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Kidney stone cases increase dramatically in summer. This because, the warmer months are responsible for greater fluid loss due to sweating. Keep hydrated. Water helps dilute uric acid in the urine, preventing the formation of kidney stones. Water also keeps the pH level in the kidneys less acidic which helps prevent kidney problems.
  2. Filter tap water. If you’re concerned you may develop kidney stones, filter tap water before you drink it. Fluoride could contribute to kidney stones. You can buy a relatively inexpensive water filtering system from Dischem, Clicks, Makro, Game, Dions and the like.
  3. Supplements: Vitamin D and calcium are essential for your health. But, if you’re at risk for developing kidney stones, get most of your vitamin D from the sun and your calcium from food. If you do supplement, don’t take more than 800IU of vitamin D and 1,200mg of calcium per day.   
  4. Check the side-effects of drugs: Opiramate, a drug doctors commonly prescribe for migraines and seizures could increase your risk for kidney stones. Always read the information sheet on any medication you take and speak to your doctor about an alternative drug for your condition.
  5. Lifestyle factors: Lose weight if you’re obese, exercise, lower your blood pressure if it’s high and avoid protein-rich diets. These will go a long way to help you prevent kidney stones.  
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Follow these five steps to preventing kidney stones
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