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Five warning signs that your bloated gut is something more serious

by , 02 June 2017
Five warning signs that your bloated gut is something more serious
Doctors are seeing a virtual epidemic of bloated gut nowadays. There are a number of causes of bloated gut, ranging from benign conditions like lactose intolerance to serious diagnoses like cancer.

So how can you tell if your bloated gut is simply bothersome or something more worrisome? Keep reading to get familiar with five warning signs that your bloated gut may indicate a condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Five warning signs for serious bloated gut

#1: You’re losing weight
Losing more than a kilo or two – especially if it’s 10% or more of your body weight – without going on a new diet or exercise programme isn’t normal. Bloated gut and unexplained weight loss can be caused by tumours that press down on your intestine and make you feel heavy and bloated, or from substances secreted by tumours that rob you of your appetite.
#2: You have a fever
Bloated gut accompanied by a fever may be due to inflammation or infection. If there’s also a heightened white blood cell count, you need to exclude infection straight away – particularly from a gastrointestinal, urinary or pelvic source.


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#3: You have serious stomach ache
Bloated gut and severe stomach ache may be a sign of bowel obstruction from a tumour or scar tissue pushing down on your bowel – especially if you also have nausea and vomiting. This warning sign should be taken very seriously as complications like bowel perforation can be fatal!
#4: You have a build-up of fluid in your pelvis or abdomen
A build-up of fluid in your pelvis or abdomen, known as ascites, can cause bloated gut, weight gain and a rapidly expanding waistline. Common culprits of this abnormal build-up include liver disease and cancer. The combination of bloated gut and jaundice, which turns your skin and eyes yellow, can be a sign of hepatitis or cancer that’s spread to your liver.
#5: You have blood in your stool
Blood in your stool, vaginal bleeding in-between periods or postmenopausal vaginal bleeding is associated are all associated with bloated gut. Thankfully, the most common causes of these symptoms, such as fibroids, haemorrhoids, an irregular menstrual cycle and endometrial atrophy, aren’t very serious. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore these warning signs as they may indicate colon or uterine cancer.
If you’re experiencing any of these five warning signs for serious bloated gut, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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Five warning signs that your bloated gut is something more serious
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