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Five profound body benefits of cutting out sugar on your short- and long-term health

by , 09 May 2017
Five profound body benefits of cutting out sugar on your short- and long-term health
It's no secret that kicking the sugar habit is no easy task. That said, it's something you may want to consider…

By cutting out the sweet stuff, you'll start racking up some remarkable body benefits, from younger-looking skin to lower odds of heart disease. Read on for the five most compelling effects of eliminating sugar from your diet.

Five benefits you’ll reap from eliminating sugar

#1: Your energy levels will skyrocket
Added sugars, found in all your favourite sweet treats, are simple carbohydrates, meaning your body digests them quickly and they enter your bloodstream almost instantly to provide a sugar-high that kick-starts your alertness and energy. As soon as you metabolise that shot of sugar, your blood sugar crashes – and so does your energy!
#2: You’ll lose belly fat
Belly fat is the fat that builds up around important organs like your intestines, liver and pancreas. It isn’t only stubborn to lose – it’s dangerous, too! Belly fat is a known risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. A 2016 report that looked at over 1,000 people from the ongoing Framingham Heart Study found that the more sugar-sweetened beverages they consumed, the higher their level of belly fat.


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#3: Your skin will look younger
Studies show that the amount of sugar in your blood – which is dependent on how much sugar you consume – sets up glycation, which leaves your skin less elastic and can lead to sagginess and wrinkles. If your skin is already showing signs of ageing, you can diminish the most visible ones by simply cutting back on sugar.
#4: You’ll slash your type 2 diabetes risk
Whether or not there’s a direct link between type 2 diabetes and eating sugar has long been a debatable topic. But a 2014 Stanford University study of 175 countries lent support to this theory: It found t the more sugar available in a country’s food supply, the higher their diabetes rate. What’s more, epidemiological data suggests that diets high in sugar cause the body to store more belly fat, which can boost risk of insulin resistance of type 2 diabetes diagnosis.
#5: You’ll cut your odds of heart disease
One 2014 JAMA study found that people who ate the most sugar – accounting for over 21% of their totally daily calories – had double the heart disease death risk compared to those who consumed 17% to 21% of their total calories from the sweet stuff. The sugar group in turn had a 38% higher risk of dying from heart disease compared to those who kept their sugar intake to 8% of their total calories.
PS: Want to find out if brown sugar is really a healthy alternative to white sugar? Go here for the sweet truth!

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Five profound body benefits of cutting out sugar on your short- and long-term health
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