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Five foods that can really boost your sex life

by , 06 September 2016
Five foods that can really boost your sex life
You've heard about how certain foods can influence your sex life - but do they really work? The answer is yes.

Let me explain it from a yogic perspective: Some foods contain a dosha (AKA an energy or quality) that has a special effect on your body and on those unseen energies that can make you irresistible to someone.

Simply put, some foods were just created with the ability to enhance the flowering of sexiness - here are five of them.

Five aphrodisiacs that work

#1: Mangoes
Mangoes are intoxicatingly sweet in both taste and smell. They also have a velvety-smooth texture that wakes up your sexual desire. Indulge in fresh slices of this delicious fruit both before and after sex.
#2: Figs
Figs are best when they’re freshly picked from the tree. This fruit is ripe with the mythology of Persephone, so by eating them before having sex, you’ll be sure to ignite a taste of Eden.


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#3: Rose petals
For thousands of years in Ayurveda practice, rose petals are used as a remedy to nurture love and romance. To reap the aphrodisiac benefits, try a delicious Ayurvedic rose jam. Both sensual and tasty, it will fill your body with love!
#4: Dark chocolate
You may already know that dark chocolate improves your blood flow – but you may not know that it’s a powerful aphrodisiac, too. In fact, people have been using gourmet dark chocolate for centuries to improve their sexual experiences.
#5: Coconut oil
In Ayurveda, coconut oil is the remedy used internally to improve skin health and keeps joints strong and healthy. But the benefits don’t stop there – thanks to coconut oil’s strong, intoxicating aroma, it can also be used externally for lubrication.
Have you tried any of these little-known aphrodisiacs? 

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Five foods that can really boost your sex life
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