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Fish oil, vitamin B12 and other supplements you need after age 40

by , 09 January 2018
Fish oil, vitamin B12 and other supplements you need after age 40
Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is key to staving off age-related ailments. While it's always important to eat well, it becomes especially important after you turn 40.

Why, you ask? Because after 40, your body stops working as it did when you were younger - you start losing muscle and putting on weight, and your risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease increases.

The best way to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need is to take supplements. Here are the four most important ones to consider.

Fish oil, vitamin B12 and other nutrients your body needs

#1: Fish oil
Brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil offers a myriad of health benefits – it improves your mood, keeps your memory and thinking sharp, and lowers your blood pressure. Fish oil also helps counteract some of the negative changes that come with ageing, such as cognitive decline and increased risk of heart disease.
#2: Magnesium
The most noteworthy function of magnesium is that it helps regulate blood pressure. This benefit is particularly important for women over 40, as they’re already at high risk of elevated blood pressure due to normal ageing. Magnesium also keeps your blood glucose levels in check, helps your body absorb calcium and plays a role in muscle, nerve and heart function.


This group of nutrients is not only the answer to boosting your mood... Preventing Alzheimer's and dementia... It's also 8 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than an Anti-Depressant!...

Nature’s secret to optimum mental health... 
  • Protects you from depression and other mood disorders including schizophrenia. 
  • Improves memory and learning. (In fact, studies show kids who take Omega 3 supplements do better at school, score higher in tests and have fewer behavioural issues than those who don’t.)
  • Fights age-related memory loss and senior moments synonymous with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 
  • And protects against stress-related job burnout. 

And it’s all thanks to the “Omega 3 Effect”

#3: Vitamin D
Vitamin D protects against most of the age-related changes that come into play after you turn 40. A number of studies have tied vitamin D deficiency to health problems like diabetes, breast and colorectal cancers, heart disease and multiple sclerosis – all of which are more likely to crop up as you age. Furthermore, vitamin D is essential for optimal calcium absorption in your body.
#4: Calcium
You already know that your bones absorb most of the calcium they need earlier in life, but did you know that this nutrient plays a critical role in maintaining bone health later in life, too? It’s also needed for a number of other body functions, including biochemical reactions, muscle contraction, and nerve and heart functioning.
All of the above supplements, from fish oil to calcium, are available online and at the pharmacy.
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Fish oil, vitamin B12 and other supplements you need after age 40
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