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Feeling anxious during lockdown? Try these 3 relaxation techniques...

by , 17 April 2020
Feeling anxious during lockdown? Try these 3 relaxation techniques...
If the lockdown is making you anxious - it's not like you can escape from what's causing these feelings - at least not until the lockdown ends...

But there are things you can do to help your body and mind calm itself in order to lift the anxiety.

Try positive thinking. Whenever your mind starts to race away into the million 'what ifs' - stop yourself. Tell yourself over and over again that everything is going to be ok in the end - don't worry about how - just be happy with the outcome for now.

At least five time per day, sit down in a quiet space and just focus on your breathing for 7 minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Do happy things, like listening to upbeat music, drawing or painting, sewing or knitting, or taking a long soaking bath.

Sleep is so important to your wellbeing - so switch off all electronics at nightfall and read a book instead. This will keep your mind occupied and make you feel sleepy eventually. The blue light from the electronics is a sleep disruptor.

Take the time to plant some veggies, even if you live in an apartment by pot planting and vertical planting. Increase the number of vegetables you eat and stay away from alcohol.

Read about another 3 proven relaxation techniques that will help you turn a bad situation into a long lasting way to manage your stress and anxiety - way beyond the lockdown...

Reduce your stress, reduce your blood pressure levels...
Aromatherapy is one of the most widely available complementary therapies and has been shown to temporarily lower blood pressure.

Natural oils are extracted from plants and the chemical molecules are passed into the blood stream, either by inhalation or through the skin in massage. These molecules then pass to specific areas in the brain, where they act on the hypothalamus, which influences mood and the hormonal system.

Dr Gary Schwarz, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Yale University, has found that essential oils, such as apple spice, ylang ylang, chamomile, lavender, marjoram and rosewood, can help to reduce high blood pressure when used the right way.

You can buy aromatherapy oils over the counter in most health shops and treat yourself at home. Add some drops to your bath every night.

If you’re using oils at home, never apply undiluted oils to the skin (except tea tree and lavender) and make sure you keep oils away from naked flames and out of children’s reach. Take care when inhaling essential oils if you’re asthmatic.

Keep reading...

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Yoga: Several studies reveal how effective yoga is as a method of relaxation.

Controlled stretching, breathing and relaxation can help reduce high blood pressure.

Anyone can benefit from yoga and the best way is to attend classes with a yoga instructor (you can do this right at home these days by looking for free yoga videos on YouTube!).

During the session, your mind is focussed in a kind of active meditation on coordinating postures with controlled breathing.

T’ai Chi is a form of moving meditation and numerous studies have shown it can lower blood pressure too. Find some videos on YouTube and try out this ancient form of relaxation.

Try these out - it could change your experience during lockdown completely - and will help you cope with the days ahead after lockdown too.

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Feeling anxious during lockdown? Try these 3 relaxation techniques...
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