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FDA approved natural treatment for epileptic seizures...

by , 15 February 2020
FDA approved natural treatment for epileptic seizures...
The FDA approved the first drug for the treatment of patients with Dravet syndrome - a type of epilepsy.

It's not just any drug - it's derived from a natural extract from the marijuana plant - CBD.

CBD is not psychoactive - which means it doesn't make you high, as the whole mairjuana plant would.

Find out more about how this treatment gained FDA approval below...

The story of how a drug approval authority put its stamp on a natural treatment for epilepsy...

CBD was made famous for its ability to control seizures when it gave a little 5-year old, named Charlotte Figi, her life back. 

She used to have hundreds of seizures a week. Her convulsions made it very difficult for her to eat and drink, even to speak and breathe! Her little body was in so much distress, her heart stopped on several occasions.

She was on such strong medication to control the seizures, the drugs almost killed her. 

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But then Charlotte's parents agreed to try CBD... And that's when her convulsions stopped! The treatment worked immediately - they stopped the seizures almost completely - something the strong drugs she was on were unable to do. 

It was just a matter of months and Charlotte finally gained her life back - she could talk, eat, drink, play and even ride horses!

The treatment became known as "Charlotte's Web" and it finally gave thousands of people who suffer from epileptic seizures real hope.

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While the use of marijuana is legal in South Africa since 2019, CBD has been legally sold for years - because it doesn't contain the psychoactive compounds in the whole plant.

This means you can use CBD without any worry - but you will need to work with your doctor to get the dosage right for your specific condition.

CBD continues to be studied by scientists because of its multiple benefits - it's also been proven to help with teh treatment of:

* Heart disease
* Cancer
* Diabetes
* Memory loss
* Arthritis
* Pain... 
* And dozens of other health problems.

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FDA approved natural treatment for epileptic seizures...
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