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Expert tips to bounce back after a night of tossing and turning

by , 27 February 2018
Expert tips to bounce back after a night of tossing and turning
Work stress. Financial worries. Relationship troubles. These are just a few things that can lead to a bad night's sleep - or, even worse, a sleepless night - at least once in a while.

Sleep deprivation doesn't only leave you feeling sleepy and low on energy, but also raises your risk for health problems including heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Fortunately, we have a few top tips up our sleeve that can help you recover from the occasional bad night's sleep or all-nighter - here they are.

Five tips to recover from a bad night’s sleep

#1: Fill up at breakfast
You’re likely to wake up feeling hungrier than usual after a bad night’s sleep. As a result, you’ll find it more difficult to resist cravings for sugar and junk food. The solution to this one is simple – start your day with a hearty, protein-rich breakfast. This will keep you energised throughout the day.
#2: Do some stretches
Light exercises like a few stretches or jumping jacks can help you bounce back after a bad night’s sleep by giving you a much-needed burst of energy and getting you going. You can also go or a walk or bike ride – just don’t do anything too strenuous.


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#3: Get some sun
Bright light helps wake your mind and body. After a poor night’s sleep, try and get outside and catch some rays, and turn on as many lights as you can, even if you feel groggy.
#4: Stay hydrated
Dehydration only makes your exhaustion feel even worse! Try and drink two to three litres of water throughout the day. Also, stick to no more than one cup of coffee – although it’ll wake up your system, it’s very dehydrating.
#5: Keep cool
We mean this one quite literally. Heat can make you feel sleepier after a night of tossing and turning, so take a cold shower as you wake up. Turning down the air conditioner at home or work and running your hands under cool water will also help.

There you have it – our top tips to bounce back after a bad night’s sleep.

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Expert tips to bounce back after a night of tossing and turning
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