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Even if you cut out sweets, chocolate and sugary cereal, you're still eating too much sugar

by , 16 September 2014

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, there are 30% more obese people in the world than there are starving ones!

And it's all because of the exorbitant amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis.

In fact, even if you've cut back on sugar to lose weight or improve your health, you're still eating foods high in sugar without even knowing about it.

It's why the World Health Organisation (WHO) insists you cut your sugar allowance in half.

This because people currently eat double the the daily limit - six teaspoons a day for women and eight for men. So by cutting the allowance in half, the WHO hopes you'll eat less than they currently do!

But it's not as easy to do as you think…

There’s sugar in many products you would never imagine

Did you know there’s sugar in your favourite brand of tomato sauce? In your mustard and even in your low-cal salad dressing?
It’s true!
That’s why your daily sugar intake is miles above the recommended daily amount. And it’s devastating effects on your health.
The question is why?
Why is there so much sugar in everything?
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Add sugar to products to make them taste better, simple!

Put sugar in tomato sauce and paste and it automatically tastes better. You use more because it’s not so acidic and you can add it to anything.
Put sugar in mustard and it also makes it easier to eat more…
Salad dressing? It’s the same! You’re more likely to use more low-cal salad dressing, but without the added fat, it doesn’t taste quite the same. So manufacturers add sugar to ensure it’s still delicious.
After all, when people eat more, manufacturers sell more!
The sad thing is you’re probably trying so desperately to lose weight and eat less sugar to preserve your health. But because you don’t even know about the hidden sugar in these products, you can’t control your sugar intake.
There’s one thing you can do…
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Check every label on each product you buy to ensure you’re aware of the sugar content

Now that you know about these once hidden sugars, you can protect yourself from them.
Simple check the nutrition labels of all the foods you buy and make sure you don’t eat more than 90g sugar a day.
But don’t just look for the word sugar! Be sure to take note of anything that says syrup, any ingredient that ends in –ose (like dextrose and maltose) and look under the total carbohydrate content for that which are sugars.
If you continue to do this, it’ll not only be good for your waistline, it’ll be exceptionally good for your overall health.

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Even if you cut out sweets, chocolate and sugary cereal, you're still eating too much sugar
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