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Espesso coffee could cut your risk of prostate cancer by half!

by , 09 March 2020
Espesso coffee could cut your risk of prostate cancer by half!
A major study has uncovered an Italian secret to preventing prostate cancer. Italian-style espresso coffee cuts the risk of prostate cancer by over 50%!

If you love strong coffee, your prostate could thank you for it!

Researchers from the Italian National Institute of Health studied the link between prostate cancer and the coffee drinking habits of more than 7,000 Italian men over four years. 

They found that men who drank more than three cups of espresso coffee per day had as much as 53% less chance of getting prostate cancer

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But they didn't stop there... They took the study into the lab too. To confirm their findings, they exposed prostate cancer cells to espresso coffee extract. It reduced the ability of tumors to grow and spread.

But there are a few details you should know about the coffee, keep reading...

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It’s fascinating how the bladder works. As it fills up, the bladder muscles are relaxed. But when you go to the loo to pee, the muscles contract, and when they do, they pressurise the urine through the urethra and out of your body.

It’s like when you want to empty your plastic water bottle out faster – you squeeze it and the stream coming out of the bottle becomes stronger and more powerful.

But if you suffer from a swelling prostate, chances are your bladder health could also be affected...

You see, as you get older, your bladder muscles become weaker, and your bladder walls become stiffer and more rigid as they lose their elasticity – making urinating more difficult.

Not only this, experts speculate that many men who suffer from a swelling prostate also have an overactive bladder. When the urethra is squeezed by a swollen prostate, the bladder has to work harder to push the urine out. Over time, this can further weaken the bladder.

The result is a common bladder control problem, described as a frequent and intense urge to urinate.

But, when you support your bladder health with the right nutrients, these issues go away… 


Not just any coffee will do...

Extracts from other kinds of coffee, including decaf, had no effect on the cancer cells.

It also needs to be the real Italian style espresso, not the filter coffee type you get. Italian coffee is brewed using high pressure, very high water temperature and no filters. It allows the bioactive substances to remain in the coffee and not get filtered out. 

So there you have it - finding a good Italian coffee supplier and getting a lesson from a barista could save your prostate in the long run - or you could just make a few Italian friends! 

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Espesso coffee could cut your risk of prostate cancer by half!
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