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Eliminate painful bloating with these foods recommended by doctors

by , 07 July 2017
Eliminate painful bloating with these foods recommended by doctors
Bloat may be something you suffer from regularly, or a result of an overindulgent weekend. Either way, it's safe to say that nobody like that too-full belly feeling!

The next time you're experiencing painful bloating, turn to one of these four foods that doctors recommend...

Four foods that banish painful bloating

#1: Ginger
The top food that eliminates painful bloating? Ginger, of course. Ginger tea or ginger kombucha after a meal makes the ideal digestive because ginger provides many healing properties. Among them, it promotes intestinal motility and reduces inflammation. By promoting the rhythmic contractions of your intestines, called peristalsis, ginger helps banish painful bloating.
#2: Activated charcoal
Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, absorbs gas and impurities like a sponge! That’s why patients who are admitted to the emergency room for an alcohol or drug overdose are administered activated charcoal to absorb and filter the toxins in their stomach. Similarly, activated charcoal can absorb the gases that build up in your gut. Your best bet is to take activated charcoal in the form of capsules, which are available at most health stores.


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#3: Magnesium-rich foods
Magnesium-rich foods such as spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are all excellent for reducing painful bloating. Magnesium helps by decreasing fluid retention, which is oftentimes the reason for bloating in the first place. Upping your magnesium levels will relax your muscles and pull water into your intestines, and, in turn, stimulate a bowel movement. Try blending magnesium-rich greens into smoothies and soups. You can also lightly sauté or steam them. If you choose to get your magnesium fix from nuts or seeds, soak them for two to six hours to make them easier to digest.
#4: Raw almonds
Raw almonds pack a punch of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates – the perfect combination! What’s more, they contain fibre and prebiotics, which work to feed your gut flora, balance your blood sugar and keep you satiated. Avoiding spikes in your blood sugar can help prevent painful bloating by reducing the cortisol response that causes your body to retain water.
There you have it – four foods doctors swear by to eliminate painful bloating.

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Eliminate painful bloating with these foods recommended by doctors
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