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Eat these foods to boost your memory and slow down the progression of dementia

by , 05 August 2014

The sixth most common cause of death is Alzheimer's, an illness that affects the memory and cognitive function of the sufferer and one of the illnesses that falls into the “dementia disease” category.

While research with the hope of finding a way to prevent and possibly cure the disease is on going, experts believe there might be a way to naturally slow the process of the decline in your brain function should you be at risk of developing dementia disease.

It has to do with eating foods that restore your memory. Here are six foods you can add to your diet to do just that...

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These four foods contain powerful compounds that can slow down the progression of dementia disease

1. Foods rich in vitamin E: Chicago nutritionist, Martha Clare, says you need to eat foods rich in vitamin E to help your memory because supplements don't seem to have as great an effect. An easy way to add vitamin E rich foods to your diet is to add healthy oils to your food. These include olive oils and nut and seed oils.
2. Fatty fish: Omega 3s is an essential part of brain health. You'll find good concentrations of this fatty acid in fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon and herring. By eating more fish, you'll also eat less red meat which contains saturated fat that may harm your brain.
3. Green leafy vegetables: Just half a cup of cooked spinach contains 25% of your daily requirement of vitamin E. But green leafy vegetables also contain folate which helps your body get rid of harmful toxins that affect your brain health.
4. Avos: They contain good quality vitamin E as well as vitamin C. Both of which play a role in keeping your memory sound.
There you have it! While there may not be a diet that helps you beat Alzheimer's or dementia disease, it's worth a shot adding these brain healthy foods to your diet to slow down the decline in your brain health. 

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Eat these foods to boost your memory and slow down the progression of dementia
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