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Eat mushrooms to help slash your risk of prostate cancer!

by , 29 September 2020
Eat mushrooms to help slash your risk of prostate cancer!
It may seem silly to think that a humble vegetable, like a mushroom, could help prevent something as cruel as cancer...

But when you stop seeing food as something you just eat and start appreciting the different health nutrients in certain foods - you could benefit from them...

Certain foods have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal effects... Like mushrooms for example.

Find out below which nutrient in mushrooms has been scientifically proven to help prevent prostate cancer...

Study finds men who eat mushrooms regularly could help prevent prostate cancer...

The study, published in the International Journal of Cancer, reviewed data on 36,000 men over 13 years. 

The researchers found a surprising trend in the data - the men who ate mushrooms had less risk of developing prostate cancer.

Those men who ate mushrooms once or twice a week had 8% less risk of prostate cancer, and those who ate mushrooms three times per week or more, had 17% less risk of prostate cancer!

The mushrooms were more effective in older men - and they're the ones who are most prone to prostate cancer - so the researchers knew the protective effects are likely to be of an antioxidant nature.

Find out more below...

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Isolating the powerful antioxidant nutrient in mushrooms that could help you keep prostate cancer at bay…

Experts have found that mushrooms contain a nutrient called L-Ergothioneine. It's an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Now, chronic inflammation is known to cause cancer, so this is how this medicinal food could protect your health. 

And what could be better than eating a delicious food for its medicinal values instead of swallowing more pills? 

Go on, add mushrooms to your weekly grocery list and get creative with your meals - it's good for you!

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Eat mushrooms to help slash your risk of prostate cancer!
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