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Doubled over? It could be kidney stones

by , 16 May 2014

If you're a man in your 40s, watch out for this kidney problem!

This, as Livestrong.com explains, because your kidney stone risk increases as you get older, especially when you turn 40. And you're also more likely to develop kidney stones than women your age.

And while many men don't experience any symptoms when these little stones pass though their system, others experience excruciating pain while passing kidney stones.

So if you're doubled over in pain, especially in your tummy area, you could be about to push out a kidney stone!

Here are the most common symptoms you'll experience when you're suffering from this type of kidney problem.

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Crystal formation is a common kidney problem and, most times, you just have to let them pass… 

The length of time your pain lasts depends on whether it starts when the stone is still in your kidney or if it’s in the urinary vessels already.
If the stone is still in your kidney, you’ll usually have pain in the same side as the affected kidney and also in your lower back. Many men also describe a sharp pain or cramping sensation  in the lower stomach area that often goes down into the groin or testes.
When the stone’s in your urinary tract, the pain usually comes in waves. This because it’ll move when urine flows to the bladder. So expect pain to cycle every 20 minutes. You may also experience extremely painful urination.
But, do you see a doctor at this stage?

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See your doctor about your kidney problem if you experience any of the following signs and symptoms 

·         You develop a fever
·         Blood in your urine
·         Extreme pain that prevents you from doing your normal daily duties
·         Lack of urination but with the urge to go
·         If you have any other concerns about your health
You’ll more than likely simply have to pass the stone, but your doctor can help you get through it and provide you with advice on how to get it to pass safely and quickly. 

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Doubled over? It could be kidney stones
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