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Don't let hormone disruptors destroy your body!

by , 19 March 2018
Don't let hormone disruptors destroy your body!
Over 150 studies have tied hormone-disrupting chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, to health problems including obesity, infertility, breast and prostate cancer, and heart disease.

BPA is most commonly found in plastic bottles and canned foods, but sometimes also in cash register receipts and contact lenses, while phthalates are found in plastics, pesticides, cosmetics and flame retardants.

Dr Russell Blaylock, an American neurosurgeon and author, assures that even though it's difficult to avoid these life-changing chemicals, it's not impossible. Here's what he recommends.

Endocrine system disruptors: Five steps to reduce your exposure

#1: Opt for organic produce
Eat organic fruits and vegetables as far as possible. If your budget won’t allow for it, take a look at the Environmental Working Groups list of foods with the least amount of chemical residue and only eat those.
#2: Ditch soy products
“Soy products are the number-one endocrine disruptors in our environment and food supply,” writes Dr Blaylock in The Blaylock Wellness Report. “There’s compelling evidence that feeding soy products during the period of brain development disrupts the normal sexual differentiation of male and female infants, resulting in delayed onset of sexual maturation and, most importantly, alters the complex behavioural development that differentiates males and females – hence the incredible population growth of ‘soy boys’.”

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#3: Avoid canned foods
Purchase foods packaged in cartons or glass instead of cans, especially soups and tomato-based products. If you must buy canned, rinse the food thoroughly before using. You should also check the liners of the cans – if it’s white, it contains BPA, while if it’s a reddish, pinkish, copper or yellowish colour, it’s BPA-free. Also note that even organic foods that comes in cans can contain BPA.
#4: Use simple cleaning products
Instead of harsh chemicals, clean your home using simple products like vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and hard soap. The same goes for products you use on your lawn – weed-killing chemicals, such as Roundup, are major endocrine disruptors.

#5: Don’t heat plastic containers
Only heat up food in glass, stainless steel or porcelain containers. Also, always wash plastic containers by hand and avoid non-stick pans.
There you have it – five ways to lower your body’s toxic burden.
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Don't let hormone disruptors destroy your body!
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