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Don't block your nose when you get a whiff of rotten eggs - it could protect your overall health

by , 09 January 2015

The minute you smell rotten eggs you immediately know someone has let off gas near you.

But before you block your nose and run a mile, think about this: It could save your life!

No, this isn't some kind of terrible toilet humour, it's absolutely true and scientifically backed!

Read on to find out how smelly gas can protect your health and prevent dementia, heart disease, cancer and even strokes.

Small amounts of hydrogen sulphide protect your health

Researchers at Exeter University recently discovered that your body needs small amounts of hydrogen sulphide to protect your cells from dying.
They determined that when your body suffers any form of stress, fragile cells pull in enzymes to make their own hydrogen sulphide. If they don’t the cells die because of the oxidation caused by inflammation. So this smelly gas literally protects the cells from destruction.
Now, the reason flatulence smells like rotten eggs is because of the hydrogen sulphide within your gut. As you digest food, the beneficial bacteria in your gut ferment it and release this chemical.
And while the research is still in very early stages and no tests on humans are in the pipelines just yet, this discovery may help treat many disease caused by inflammation.
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The smell of rotten eggs might just be the answer to protect your overall health from inflammatory disease

Experts have taken this natural process of the body making hydrogen sulphide to make drugs that slowly release the chemical into cells that inflammation regularly affects.
This means anything from cancer, diabetes, ageing, heart disease and dementia may be treatable with the smell of rotten eggs!
And because it’s readily available hydrogen sulphide, your already stressed cells don’t have to struggle to pull in the enzymes they need to make their own. It forms a natural, immediate protection from oxidative stress!
So next time you breathe in a little gas, don’t be too disgusted! You never know if it’s something that can protect your health in the long run.

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Don't block your nose when you get a whiff of rotten eggs - it could protect your overall health
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