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Do you have heart problems? Your risk of kidney problems just shot up!

by , 23 June 2014

There's a strong link between things going wrong with your heart and the effect this has on your other organs. The reason for this is that any issue with the blood flow through your body means the right nutrition and other essential compounds don't reach their intended destination.

Think about the effect this has on your kidneys.

Because your kidneys need blood to bring all the right nutrients to them so they function properly, any blockage in your body higher up wrecks havoc on their ability to do their job.

So what can you do to keep this from happening?

You should look after your heart of course!

Don’t let heart problems cause your kidney to fail too!

Two of the most common heart problems that cause your kidneys to stop working like they should are elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
And it’s easier than you think to control both of these diseases.
Take a look…
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Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol with these seven tips

1.    Stop putting salt on your food and you’ll notice a big change in your blood pressure.
2.    Do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, even if it’s walking the dogs through the park.
3.    Eat foods that naturally lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.
4.    Have your blood pressure checked at least once a year if you suffer from elevated blood pressure levels.
5.    Eat less fatty foods that contain high levels of trans and saturated fats.
6.    Eat foods that help to prevent your body from absorbing high levels of fats and cholesterol. Things like high fibre fruit and vegetables and whole-grain cereals are excellent ways to do this.
7.    Eat fats that are good for you and help raise your good cholesterol levels.
There you have it! Use these seven tips to keep your heart healthy and make sure your heart problems don’t wreck the health of your kidneys too. 

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Do you have heart problems? Your risk of kidney problems just shot up!
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