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Do you enjoy a couple of beers or a bottle of wine every now and then? Here's a comprehensive guide about how it affects ALL aspects of your health

by , 01 December 2014

When you get home after a long day at work, your first action might be to go to the fridge and grab a cold one or pour yourself a big glass of wine.

It's almost like a reward for getting through the day!

Plus, it helps you relax and unwind.

But besides that, do you actually know what effects drinking has on your health?

Well, today, you'll discover some good and some bad ones that, when you realise what they are, they're simple to change, for which we'll give you some solutions too.

Happy reading!

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We're living with dozens of 21st century poisons. Recent studies have now proven:
·         The average glass of drinking water could have thousands of carcinogens in it...
·         Breast and stomach cancer have been traced to chemical oestrogens in our food...
·         Early senility may actually be caused by environmental chemicals...
These toxins can cause terrible headaches… or uncontrollable joint pain… Have you ever felt listless and sapped of energy? Or immobilised by colon cramps? Or even just tired and listless? Well, now there’s a unique way to flush out toxins and feel brand new again.

Don’t let alcohol overindulgence be the reason your health is failing – cut back starting today

1.      Every time you take a sip of your cocktail, think about your breast cancer risk
2.      Heavy drinkers watch out! Your stomach cancer risk is sky high
3.      Are your genes turning your beer drinking habits into a cancer risk?
4.      Warning: You may never be able to taste the kiss of the “Saaz hop” again if you have too much
5.      Just can’t get it up? It could be because of what you drank last night!
6.      If you can’t go to a braai without a beer – you’re risking prostate cancer
7.      Warning: Binge drinking could be the reason you end up with type 2 diabetes
8.      Women: Here’s why you should ditch wine and drink beer
9.      Warning: If you already have rheumatoid arthritis, drinking alcohol could be dangerous
10.  Drink just a little to save yourself from type 2 diabetes, explain experts
11.  Alcohol and your heart health: The good and bad side of it 
12.  Here’s why opting for the cheaper bottle of wine is better for your heart health
13.  Don’t enjoy your retirement too much or you could be risking dementia, warn experts
14.  Before you hit the town on a night out, put your toothbrush on your pillow
15.  Red wine isn’t just good for your heart; it’s great for your ears too!
16.  Is your son taking part in dangerous drinking games that could rob him of his sight?
17.  Drink in moderation and do exercise  - it’s the best way to retain your eyesight well into old age, say experts
18.  Had one too many last night? Your eyes won’t let you get away with it
19.  Study explains why you act “doff” when you’ve had a couple drinks
20.  From blotchy red to smooth and supple – here’s what giving up alcohol did for this mother of two’s skin problems
21.  Wondering why you look like you’ve aged ten years after a big night out?
22.  Forget about a hangover! Drinking can cause asthma
Drink just a little every week to protect yourself from asthma, reveal experts

24. Are you drinking too much just because you don’t want to waste the last bit?

25. Pairing alcohol with food not only helps you drink less, but you’ll enjoy it more!

26. You don’t HAVE to give up alcohol to be healthy… But here’s why you should consider it

We sincerely hope this information can help you make the right decision about drinking when it comes to paying close attention to your health and keeping it in great shape!

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Do you enjoy a couple of beers or a bottle of wine every now and then? Here's a comprehensive guide about how it affects ALL aspects of your health
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