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Do you drink diet cooldrinks? There's something you should know...

by , 06 October 2020
Do you drink diet cooldrinks?  There's something you should know...
When something carries the label "diet", you assume it will help you in your journey to keep the excess weight off.

It's an obvious assumption, right?

Well, not only have a number of studies linked drinking diet sodas to weight gain, a new study has highlighted additional serious health risks.

Read about them below...

One diet soda per day could put you at risk for Alzheimer's and stroke…

In a recent big study, in which researchers looked at data on over 4,200 people over the age of 45, spanning a 10-year period, the results were alarming. 

According to this study, people who drink just one diet cooldrink per day are 89 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's and 96% more likely to suffer a stroke!

Those are not small numbers by any scale.

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Experts have observed that these sodas play a role in hardening the arteries - which could put your health in danger.

And if you thought you're doing a good thing for your blood sugar by choosing diet cooldrinks - read on... 

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Older research, published in the journal Diabetes Care, also linked drinking diet cooldrinks to a 67% increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

So, if you're trying to lose weight, or even just watching your health, the smarter choices are herbal teas and water, not a highly processed drink.

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Do you drink diet cooldrinks? There's something you should know...
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