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Do have dry eyes? Follow these 5 tips...

by , 27 March 2020
Do have dry eyes? Follow these 5 tips...
Tears are for a lot more than crying. The fact is tears are made up of three “layers”. The first one is a fatty layer that slides along between the inner two layers and the outside world. This one is slightly fatty so water can't evaporate through it. Otherwise your eyes would dry up.

The centre layer of this trio is mainly made of water. The inner layer that flows across your eyeball contains mucin, which actually helps to spread your tears across the surface of your eyeball every time you blink.

Those same tears also have a special type of enzyme that helps to kill airborne bacteria. Put the package together and your tears help keep your eye protected, lubricated and working all day long.

Small glands in your eyelids produce these enzymes, oils and mucins. Every time you blink, more of the fluid is secreted to keep your eye
working properly. The water that goes along with these three comes from the lacrimal glands situated slightly below your brow.

These glands produce extra water to mix with the special fluids when you run into smoke or dust or just start to cry. Sometimes these lacrimal glands stop working. It can happen to people who have rheumatoid arthritis, childhood diabetes and lupus.

Keep reading to find out how to treat dry eyes...

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How to prevent dry eyes...

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and fish oil will be helpful. Omega-6 fatty acids will help with the lipid layer.

Vitamin C is another good help here. The natural tear film on the eye has a high concentration of vitamin C. You’ll want to drink plenty of water to improve the watery layer of the tears. You might want to cut down or cut out drinking coffee, which can make the dry eye problem worse.

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If you really have a bad case of dry eyes, a doctor might prescribe the supplement glucosamine sulphate. This is a natural substance that could help rebuild the collagen matrix of the cornea.

Blinking often is good for your eyes. It helps bring more fluid and spreads it over your naked eyeball. Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of the human body. They are sitting out there in the dirt and grit of every day living with only a few tears to protect them. Help things along all you can.

And if you work at a computer a lot, try to position the screen so it is slightly below eye level. This means that you will be looking down a little at the screen, which will make it easier on your eyes.

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Do have dry eyes? Follow these 5 tips...
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