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Ditch the saltshaker if you suffer from tinnitus, say experts

by , 19 September 2014

For years, researchers across the globe have campaigned to get people to eat less salt.

One of the reasons for this they say, it causes so many ailments. From high blood pressure and heart attacks to strokes and tinnitus.

And you can just imagine how the constant ringing - or thumping sounds - in your ears can be caused by blood rushing forcefully through your ear canals.

But there's a lot of debate in the medical world at the moment about the effect of eating too much salt and it's effects on blood pressure.

Just last week, Dr James DiNicolantonio a cardiology research scientist, released an article showing evidence that salt's link to high blood pressure might be overrated. He believes experts have taken salt's role in every ailment too far.

While he doesn't dispute that salt DOES play a role in disease, he just says it might not be responsible for everything claimed.

So let's look at the effect a high salt diet has on your blood pressure and the reason you could suffer from tinnitus.

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Where salt goes, water follows…

If you ever did biology at school, you’ll know of the osmosis principle.
Let’s refresh your memory… That was the experiment where you placed water in a large dish and divide it into two sections with a semi-permeable. This membrane only allowed water and very small molecules to pass through it.
You then placed a ton of salt into one side of the dish and the water moved to that side until there was equal concentration of salt between the two halves. Essentially, the water diluted the higher concentration to equal salt concentrations in both parts of the dish.
Put more salt in the other side and the water moved again until the salt concentration became equal.
That’s how osmosis works.
And you body works this way too!
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Eating more salt means your body takes more up into your blood and fluid follows it

A high salt intake means the blood in your gut takes up more salt so your kidneys can get rid of it.
But while the salt moves around your body to your kidneys, it pulls water with it. So yes, your blood pressure does increase. That’s where Dr DiNicolantonio’s statement rings true. Unless your kidneys don’t work properly, or you have another ailments, your kidneys work hard to get rid of the extra salt so balance can be restored in you body.
So your blood pressure doesn’t stay high for long and, between meals, it should return to normal levels provided you’re otherwise healthy.
However, one of the typical symptoms of tinnitus is intermittent sounds or noises in your ears. And it could be because of a high salt diet, where the symptoms of tinnitus become worse after you eat, or some time after that where the water pulls into your blood.
That’s why, it’s better for you to put the saltshaker down if you suffer from tinnitus.
While the underlying cause of your disease may be more complicated than a simple case of intermittent high blood pressure, lowering your salt intake may just ease your symptoms.

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Ditch the saltshaker if you suffer from tinnitus, say experts
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