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Discover coffee's secret ingredient that could protect you from Alzheimer's

by , 24 July 2013

You probably know that java (coffee beans) can help protect you against everything from dementia to Parkinson's to colon cancer. Now, a recent study has found two ingredients in particular that seem to work together to protect you against Alzheimer's disease. One is caffeine and the other is a bit of a mystery. Here's why…

Previous research had shown that pure caffeine helped improve cognition in mice with symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Now, results from a study conducted by researchers from The University of Tampa show that caffeinated coffee could give you an even bigger brain boost than caffeine alone.

According to Nutrition & Healing, researchers gave mice either pure caffeine, regular coffee or decaf coffee.

They found that mice that got the ‘real’ brew (caffeinated coffee) had the highest blood levels of granulocyte colony stimulating factor, or GCSF. This protein plays a key role in the immune system. High levels of this protein have also been linked to better memory. Meanwhile, low levels have been tied to Alzheimer’s.

GCSF: A powerful coffee ingredient that could help you ward off Alzheimer’s

Researchers say GCSF benefits your brain in three different ways:
  1. It suppresses the production of beta amyloid, the plaque believed to be the cause of Alzheimer’s.
  2. GCSF also goes to work destroying any existing beta amyloid.
  3. It produces connections in your brain and encourages the birth of new brain cells.
Since pure caffeine alone didn’t produce the same surge in GCSF, researchers believe it’s the combination with the ‘mystery ingredient’ that provides the boost.

Well there you have it. Next time you feel like having coffee, you might want to order caffeinated coffee that’s been brewed. It’ll go a long way in protecting you from Alzheimer’s.

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Discover coffee's secret ingredient that could protect you from Alzheimer's
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