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Did you get a flu shot and still end up with the flu? Follow these five tips to boost your flu-fighting strategy

by , 09 May 2017
Did you get a flu shot and still end up with the flu? Follow these five tips to boost your flu-fighting strategy
You went for your annual flu shot this year but have ended up with the flu. Now, you're drinking orange juice like it's going out of fashion, sucking on zinc lozenges like they're candy and wondering if vitamin D and echinacea really work.

Can you relate to this? If so, you're probably very frustrated! But here's a little secret: When it comes to kicking the flu, it's all in the details. If you want to get rid of the flu and prevent getting it again later this winter, follow these five tips.

Five ways to kick the flu to the curb

#1: Replace orange juice with vitamin C powder
Unlike orange juice, vitamin C powder isn’t brimming with sugar that suppresses your white blood cells. Plus, vitamin C powder helps with tissue saturation, which provides the strongest anti-viral activity. As soon as you feel the flu coming on, take 2 g of vitamin C powder followed by 1 g every hour. Opt for a buffered vitamin C powder that combines other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.


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#2: Suck on a zinc glycate lozenge every three hours
Zinc glycate lozenges are excellent for soothing a sore, scratchy throat – suck on one every three hours or until your flu symptoms go away. Make sure you avoid lozenges that contain sorbitol, as it inhibits zinc absorption.
#3: Take 4000iu of vitamin D daily
Vitamin D activates an anti-microbial peptide that prevents cell replication and punctures holes in the cell walls of the flu virus. Take 4000iu of the vitamin daily in the form of a liquid supplement. Liquid form is best because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it requires a liquid base for optimal absorption.
#4: Get your hands on echinacea root
Echinacea root packs active anti-viral properties, whereas the leaf – which is what most capsules contain – doesn’t. Choose an alcohol-free tincture and place a dropperful in your mouth, hold for five minutes and then swallow. Doing this every three hours will stop the flu virus from multiplying.
#5: Drink an astragalus tincture
Astragalus is hands down one of the best herbs for fighting the flu! It boosts the replication of white blood cells, which are vital when it comes to combating infection. Buy a tincture, add a dropper to water and drink every three hours until the flu is gone.
What else do you do to get rid of the flu once you’ve caught it?

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Did you get a flu shot and still end up with the flu? Follow these five tips to boost your flu-fighting strategy
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