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Could cranberry juice put an end to your chronic bladder infections for good?

by , 18 June 2014

Are you afflicted by regular bladder infections?

A recent study out of Rutgers University in New York confirmed that cranberry juice could lower your rate of urinary tract infections.

Here's why…

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Cranberry juice disables the bacteria’s ability to hang on long enough to cause bladder problems

This bright ruby coloured fruit contains a specific tannin that interferes with the projections from the E. coli bacteria. And this is what prevents them from sticking to the bladder wall.

As a result, your body flushes the E. coli out of your bladder with the urine before it has a chance to take hold and cause a bladder infection.
In the study, female volunteers drank a 27% cranberry juice cocktail. The researchers then incubated E. coli in their urine samples combined with bladder cells.

The samples from the women who drank 118ml of cranberry juice had significantly less bacteria stuck to the bladder cells. And, women who drank 236ml saw double the improvement.

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Imagine saying goodbye to your chronic bladder infections thanks to a delicious fruit juice!

The researchers pointed out that cranberry juice mixed with other juices like apple, raspberry and grape, contain a smaller percentage of cranberry juice. And that’s why they may be less effective.

In addition, cranberry tablets may vary in the amount of the specific tannin that disables E. Coli. So if you go the pill route, choose tablets that include spray-dried cranberry juice to ensure you’re getting that tannin.

You can also opt for a serving of dried cranberries or cranberry sauce instead of the juice too.   

And if you decide on cranberry juice, drink 236ml per day.

That could be all it takes to put an end to bladder infections for good. I can’t imagine a tastier way to help prevent infection!

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