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Change these eight everyday factors to prevent lifelong hearing loss

by , 14 October 2014

You might think being hard of hearing only occurs because of two things:

1. You're born deaf; or
2. You become deaf with age.

But the scary truth is, you can be in the prime of your life and suddenly experience difficulty hearing!

Even scarier, it's the things you do everyday without even thinking that can cause hearing loss.

In fact, it's the cause of approximately 15% of adults between the ages of 20 and 69 suffering some form of hearing loss.

Read the eight articles below to discover what everyday factors affect your hearing and what you can do so you don't suffer the same fate…

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Make these eight changes to stop everyday life from causing hearing loss

#1. Speak to your doctor about taking antibiotics.
#2. Stop messing with your ear canals!
#3. Shower instead of bath.
#4. Get rid of your muffin top.
#5. Stop turning up the volume.
#6. Overcome your sugar addiction.
#7. Control your blood sugar.
#8. Say “no” to a glass of wine.
As you can see, your risk of going deaf or suffering hearing loss isn’t as simple as being born with the ailment or because you’re getting old.
In fact, the things you do when you’re young set your health up when you’re older!
That’s why it’s essential to change these eight everyday factors so you don’t end up a 45 year old who can’t hear properly.

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Change these eight everyday factors to prevent lifelong hearing loss
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