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Can bee pollen be the solution to acne-free skin?

by , 15 September 2015

Millions of men and women around the world suffer from acne; an inflammatory disease that affects your hair follicles and sebaceous glands. While medicated treatments are the most popular, there are a number of natural solutions that can effectively treat this skin condition. Bee pollen is one of them.

If you suffer from acne, you're probably interested in finding out just how effectively bee pollen can help clear up your acne and keep breakouts at bay. Today, I'm going to clear that up for you.

Let’s first take a look at what causes acne

Most people think that topical skin treatments are the best solutions for acne; hence, they spend lots of money and effort on pricy acne face washes and creams. But the fact is this: Acne isn’t just a skin disease – it’s most often caused by a hormone imbalance in your body.
This is exactly why acne is more common in teenagers than in adults, especially at the onset of puberty. It’s also pretty common in menopausal women. And another contributing factor is stress.

Why acne treatments don’t always work

It’s very easy to use the wrong skincare products to treat acne. For example, using mineral oil can block your pores. And, as you probably know, clogged pores prevent your skin from breathing or removing toxins, which only heightens your chances of breaking out.

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Many people think that applying a topical treatment to acne is best, when in reality, nutrition is a far more effective approach. This is because eating well can tackle your acne problem from the inside. This is where bee pollen as an acne remedy comes into play. Yup, you eat the stuff.

How bee pollen can help clear up and prevent acne breakouts

Bee pollen is a food supplement extracted from the bodies and legs of honeybees. This now popular superfood has been used for ages in treating ailments from allergies to diabetes among numerous other conditions.
Scientifically, bee pollen is composed of many vital nutrients that are beneficial to your health in many ways, such as boosting blood circulation and formation. Other bee pollen benefits include immune system stimulation and metabolism enhancement.

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Bee pollen is also a very effective acne treatment. It helps your body resist acne’s effects by stimulating skin cell renewal through a high concentration of nucleic acids (specifically DNA and RNA). It can also help nourish your skin and in turn heal up acne scars.
A huge plus is that eating bee pollen will do a lot more than just clear up your acne – it’ll help prevent premature ageing too! That’s all thanks to its good dose of antioxidants. Some research also shows that bee pollen can inject new life into dry skin cells, protect skin from dehydration, and even stimulate the growth of new tissues.

Where to find and how to take bee pollen

You can purchase bee pollen or bee pollen supplements at your local health food store. Go for a brand that’s toxin-free and of a high quality. Your skin will best absorb this kind, making for an effective acne treatment.
I fortunately don’t suffer from acne, but I still add bee pollen in smoothies and smoothie bowls to reap the fantastic anti-ageing benefits. It has a lovely subtle floral taste! You can consume as much of the superfood as you like. If you’re taking it in a supplement form, follow the recommended dosage.

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